2001 gt won't turn over after some work

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  1. hey guys, my 2001 gt wont turn over after i replaced a timing tensioner and timing chain. while i had it all apart i painted my timing cover. does anyone know if anything grounds to the timing cover? would that cause the car to not start?

    my theft light flashes rapidly when i open the door, also the headlights will not come on and the t/c button light flashes. i did a few hours of research on this but am still unsure of the problem. any help is appreciated
  2. Nothing grounds to the timing cover......

    Got pics of what you have going? Did u time the cams right? Lots of possibilities here, need more input... :D
  3. alright here goes the full story and progress pics....
    i could hear my timing chain running like a bicycle if i would give the car a bit of gas.
    so i began to tear down to see what the problem is, and the passenger side timing chain was way too loose, so i replaced with a new tensioner and timing chain on that side and the chain now stays tight. got it all put back together and now it wont start and is having the symptoms i have listed above.

    here is the loose chain

    timing cover before paint

    after paint

    pulling on the new chain has hardly any slack at all

    motor all put back together with valve covers painted...
  4. are you sure? i have been told otherwise by 2 people that there are grounds on the timing cover
  5. I have an 03 pi motor in my 98, there are no wires grounded to my timing cover. There are two metal wire "holders" that keep the wires out of the belt but thats all. Maybe a 99+ guy can chime in.
  6. OH, did u check the timing on ur cams? with a loose chain its very possible that it will jump time, esp on the pass side.
  7. at this point i think this is not an issue as the car will not even try to turn over
  8. Well how about the obvious..... Is ur starter good? Hooked up correctly? Did u by chance ground a wire that needed to go to the power distribution block (don't ask).
  9. i have never had any problems with my starter, battery has good voltage, i can't find anything unpluged or bare that i had touched during this process. but i am being told by others on a different forum that there are at least one ground that connects to the timing cover. so i will check this out when i get to working on the car tonight (currently at work)

    i am really hoping that a ground to my timing cover turns out to be my issue
  10. The only grounds I can remember, 1 off the back of the d/s head to the firewall. 1 from the d/s motor mount to the frame, 1 from battery negative harness to the frame, then the h/l grounds and all those small little bastards. There should be two different o ring connectors going to your power dist box. The you do hav two metal brackets the mount to the bottom two timing cover bolts that hold ur wires up and out of the way. There are no grounds to the t/cover that I can remember.
  11. you are correct, there are no grounds on my timing cover. i check the rest of them, checked all of my fuses and none are blown. im really at a loss here
  12. strip the paint... its keeping ur engine from starting

    lol... but seriously... id start taking it back apart... you will stumbnle on the culprit
  13. i know exactly what i took apart and ive checked it over... no one else has any knowledge on this??:shrug:
  14. No help here, wish you the best. BTW, why paint the timing cover of a stock car? That seems like a ton of work for something that is not noticeable.

    Good luck, this thread belongs in the "Tech" section. More help to be found over there.
  15. Can you turn it over by hand? (with a socket on the crank pulley)
  16. Is it clicking or is the starter not turning the engine over? If its not turning it over and you cannot turn it over by hand, your timing is off and you have a valve pressing against a piston.

  17. Thats actually what I was trying to get at. Thanks for better explaining it. :nice:
  18. if you read my post in the thread above you will see that i had a stretched timing chain and the car was apart to fix that issue. so i painted it while i had it off, plus it looked like chit before.
  19. yes i can
  20. the car will not click or turn over. im pretty positive this is an electrical issue. im being told on other forums that it could be a bad computer or need re-flashed since my pats is flashing and clicking