2003 10th anniversary for $30,000

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tylers65, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. I am selling my torch red 10th anniversary convertible 03 cobra for 35,000.00.
    only 5,000 miles... purchased in June 2003... higher priorities have surfaced now...
    The car will be advertised in the major forums...
  2. Good luck. You're gonna need it.
  3. Buy it, or tell me how to contact them, and I will. Yesterday, I traded my 03 Mach I, (5k miles) on an 03 SVT convertible, because I made the stupid mistake of driving one. I thought the Mach was fast but this thing is stupid fast.

    It sounds like it is probably a hard top, which would look good sitting next to the ragtop, so how do I find this car?
  4. Agreed, you and 300 other guys are all selling their 03s now.

    Unless you are absolutely set on a 10th anniversary, get a regular cobra, you'll save even more.

    I personally dont care for the anniversary badges and crap, I'd go with the regular style one.
  5. I agree with you Snarf. There's no reason to buy an anniversary edition 03 Cobra Mustang when you can get the SAME EXACT car WITHOUT the badging for LESS money. I think Ford will have many anniversary editions unsold and sitting on their lots. Then you will be able to get one real cheap. Mark my words. This WILL happen.
  6. On the contrary. A limited edition car is always worth more than a non limited edition. 2003 cars to be built with this package. I was going to go test it out, but the next day it started snowing and is just now starting to melt. That, and now that I have seen the press release of the 2005, I have to say, it is really starting to grow on me.

    For anyone who is seriously interested in this car...

    The sale price for it was $32,500. The D,X,O,A plans all bring the price down to almost $30,000 dead even.

    Bowen Scarff Ford in Kent WA. They actually have more than 1 on the lot. The one I was looking at was a red coupe. They also had a black coupe and a red vert. Don't know the prices of those though.

  7. explain these different plans... d,o,x,a

  8. They are all plans for family members of Ford employees. The only one I know for sure is D-plan. It is for immediate family members of Sales people. So if your Dad os a Ford salesman, then you can get D-plan. The rest are for family member that are either, not immediate, or are related to other than sales people.

    These plans allow for a certain amount off of the price of the car.

    I purchased a 2002 Escape on D-plan
    Dealer payed Ford $23,000
    MSRP before delivery $25,000
    Price after mark up and delivery $29,000
    I payed $21,000
    Ford Motor Company then kicks back $4000 to the dealership as a "perk" to the sales people and the dealership. Each salesman is allowed 2 D-plan sales a year.

    The plan carries over from dealership to dealership. The dealer who had the 03 cobra I wanted is not the one my relative works at, but they honor it just the same. Lincoln and Mercury honor it too. Maxda honors some of them, beyond that, I am not too sure.
  9. a good deal?

    A Local Ford/SVT dealer has 7 or 8 2003 Cobra's in stock, a couple of them are 10th anniversary editions, the rest are regular Coupes and verts. 3 of the Coupes have MSRP stickers of around $35,500 but are on sale now for $30,890. My research shows that these cars invoice for about $30,800 or so.

    I'm going to try to buy one for about $28k-$29k. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm upside down in the spud of a trade that I have so I'm sure that will have an effect on how well I'm going to do.

    My previous Cobra was a 1998 ([email protected], totally stock).
  10. I would jump on it, I know I had the chance to get a few 03's for around 29-30 when ford was giving all the rebates and I wish I had but I waited around and then the wife ended up using the money I saved for either a down payment on an 03 cobra or a supercharger for the 99 on her 03 expedition. I wish ford would start making deals again and I might use my tax return as a down payment but who knows what will be going on by then.
  11. Go for it. The Cobras are taking a year off in 2005, so your next chance will be 2006 for the new model. 30k for a new Cobra is nice, I got mine on XPlan.