2003 or 2004 Cobra convertible?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Havoc 2, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. I am wanting to buy a 03 or 04 Cobra convertible.
    The question is which one should I buy?
    I am looking for the best investment for the future.
    Which one will be worth more in the future?
    Do I buy a 03 10 yr anniversary edition?
    A 03?
    A 04?
  2. Welcome to Stangnet Havoc 2.

    Magic 8-ball says the future is "uncertain." :D Buying a car as an investment? :shrug: Usually not the best option to invest money in.

    Hard to say what an 03 or 04 will bring in the future - are you looking at selling it 10 years down the road or something? 20 years? 35? Late model cobras aren't exactly "investment" vehicles like the older muscle car era 'stangs of the 60s (ie - $100,000 cars).

    Even if you bought a new 10th Ann '03 Cobra when it was released to the public, put it in a plastic bubble wrap (some folks do such things LOL), and tucked it away in a climate controlled storage facility, it's going to be quite some time before anyone will really know how much money the car will bring at say, an auction.

    Have the 03s and 04s retained a decent amount of their value over the past few years? Yes, because of their demand, potential to mod the car and make gobs of horsepower, etc - it's what every Mustang enthusiast wants out of the box, especially for those who take their car to the drag strip. :)

    My advice would be to buy the best 03 or 04 you can and drive it now so you get to enjoy it. Be sure to check out the Terminator FAQ in our "SVT Tech" section, linked below:


    G'luck. :cheers:
  3. I do not plan on selling the car.
    I want a affordable convertible with plenty of power that can easily be modded.
    I want something I can fit my two boys and wife in.
    I am leaning towards the 04 because less were made in 04 than 03.
  4. If you are going to buy a terminator do not worry about 03 vs 04 or how much it might be worth some day when you sell it.

    Concern yourself with finding the lowest mileage most stock car possible. And when I say "stock" I mean that the parts were installed by UAW workers and not returned to stock by Vern and his drunken buddies in someone's parent's garage.

    Oh and read the Cobra FAQ linked above, there is whole section on what to look for when buying.
  5. I purchased an 03 vert 10th anniversary edition with 7,000 miles on it.
    1 owner stock with all factory paper work even the window ticker is included.
  6. Damn! Nice find Havoc!!!

    What color is it? Is it stock or were the stock parts re-installed by the previous owner before selling? What are you plans for the car? Does it have the correct floor mats still?

    What a sweet find! I would love to know what you paid for it... The 10ths are pretty rare and, at least for the verts, have stopped decreasing in value for the time being the price is stable or rising :banana:

    Here are the 10th anniversary production numbers:
    Black - 381
    Torch Red - 365
    Silver Metallic - 257

    Black - 394
    Torch Red - 369
    Silver Metallic - 237
  7. I bought a black one.
    I gave 23,000
    I do not know which floor mats are supposed to be in it let me know.
  8. Completely stock, never been driven in the rain. Everything that came from the original purchase at the dealership has been included. There are some fun stickers, hat pins, keychains, etc. One envelope has the SVT document showing the car # of how many made
    I am still waiting for it to arrive, I purchased it off ebay from a woman in Colorado. Fed ex is hauling it in an enclosed trailer, I think they must be going around the world first. It was picked up last thurs. I am only 900 miles away.
    It should be here Thurs morning
    I also purchased a set of Saleen replica wheels and Nitto NT05 tires.
  9. Wow Havoc I would not even be able to sleep at night if I were you waiting for it to arrive! That car sounds like a great car at a great price! The floor mats say 10th Anniversary on them. Post some pics of the car and welcome to the 10th owner club you and I are the only ones on SN that I know of that have one of these rare cars :cheers: