2003 Ranger Brake isses?

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  1. This truck is starting to nickel and dime me to death....but anyway, has anyone else out there had issues with the brakes locking up? I have an 03 Ranger 3.0 4x4 with 83k on it. I've owned it since new and until 2 months ago never had an issue with it. I just had the clutch and slave cylinder replaced (clutch was ok but since the tranny was out...) and now it seems that one of the front brakes keeps locking up. Has anyone else out there had this issue on a Ranger? It doesn't lock up all the time but makes a lot of noise when it does.
  2. your sticky brakes

    Well yes common or ford s 1st take caliper loose be sure slide barrels were hold down bolts go threw slide free up an lube if not 2. does wheel turn freelee when jack up of groung can exspect very mild drag sould be albe to rotate wheel wiyh 1 figer if not brake caliper hoses may be fraying on the inside letting fluid do out but not back.3caliper pistons corroded r.r cal.hope this helps Jay