2005 GTO Judge : RAM AIR 6 (official pics)

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  1. My apologies! I meant to say General Motors.
  2. Wasn't correcting you...just agreeing with you :nice:
  3. OMG that is SICK. The normal GTO should have looked like that.

  4. The reason it looks so good is because they stole the side scoop/air thingy from the 94-98 Mustang. Click on my sig to see the pic. I like the front and back but overall, the side of the car doesn't do justice to the muscle-car that the GTO was. It's a little plain from the side.
  5. That thing looks like the bastard child of a cavalier and a Pontiac *Grand Prix*.

    but it looks a lot better than the current GTO. I still like the mustang better :flag:
  6. dynos show that the 400 hp rating for the LS2 is pretty much spot on, maybe about 5 under. They had a few of them dynoed on corvetteforum and ls2.com

  7. not what i've been reading. Corvette owner on corvetteforum.com dynoed it and got 348 at the wheels. And an aftermarket header company dynoed it at 350 rwhp (although they claimed it went up past 380 with their headers). Chevy's own dyno sheet shows it peaking at 406 or so.
  8. looks like a cavalier...
  9. i just dont see how you guys get a cavilier out of the GTO :notnice:

    BTW that is the ram air 6 concept it is NOT the judge. pontiac hasn't made any definete plans to build a judge yet. if they do, it will prolly be Holden's powerful HSV GTS that will pack somewhere around 500hp up from the standard 400 that will be avalible next year out of the new LS2 6.0L V8. Pontiac does not build its GTOs, they are designed and built entirely in Elizabeth, Australia, its actually a Holden Monaro CV8 with a Pontiac badge....nothing more.

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  10. wow your new. pontiac, or holden dont build cars. gm owns the factories which build the cars, often several different brands using the same frame undear each roof. gm is going to begin producing the gto in amreica soon. but u are right, that is NOT the gto judge, its just a modded gto
  11. oh wow, that looks REALLY REALLY nice. Who cares if it doesn't look like the original GTOs?? Its a new era, thats my whole beef with the 05 Mustang.... but wow it looks really good, not as good as a c6 vette though.
  12. People say it looks like the Cavalier because of the bland, round shape.
  13. i don't know, is it just me or does it look like an overweight Eclipse ? i think Pontiac is confused. they are trying to be nostalgic and at the same time satisfy the younger import market. just my observation. :shrug:
  14. I don't dislike the concept.... But that is as far as it will go. There may be a body kit that comes out that looks like that and a production model may favor it, but it is just a concept. It would be a beast for sure but the General is not going to show up its flagship with a grocery-getter from down under. Under the hood does look sweet though. 8/10

  15. actually bob lutz said the GTO would not be produced in america, it would loose its quality levels and a new factory would have to be built, and parts would have to be sent from australia anyway. Holden is considering building a factory in the US, but thats still up in the air and in the distant future. and while GM does own the Holden name, its GM's most diverse and best selling name plate world wide for its market. its many of its primary platforms were taken from Opel, but they have been redeisgned and changed so much they are barely regonizable from what they once were. they are now also producing their own new engines, the Alloytec V6.
  16. The all new Zeta GTO was to be built in the USA in 2007 (along with the Camaro) but I guess now that is up in the air too. They might keep building the next gen GTO down under along with the next Monaro.