2005 Mustang Gt Convertible Premium

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am looking into buying a 2005 mustang gt convertible premium model from a private seller in my area. It has 152k miles on it- this sounds like a lot of mileage to me but since I have never owned a mustang I am not sure how reliable a mustang with this many miles would be and how many more miles I can get out of it. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!
  2. My 06 Mustang GT has 156,000 miles and has been ROCK SOLID the whole time. Only unscheduled part was the Blower motor resistor for the HVAC. Other than that, just brake pads, batteries and spark plugs. My 88 5.0 went 357,000 miles as a daily driver and still runs fine. I intend to go 500,000 on this one.
  3. My 05 convertible only has 35k on it, but my 98 has 150k .....both will last a long time, have decent resale, and have tons of parts available for restoring/repair/improvement if needed. I can't say the latter for my Elantra beater car.
  4. Welcome!

    It's fairly easy to work on if anything goes wrong. The mileage isn't an issue if the car was maintained properly

    How much are they asking?

    Nick C.