2005 Mustang GT Engine Pictures!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by 2001GTMILT, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Auto Tranny on it... Looks like a linkage setup on the passanger side... looks like a winner to me..
  2. Does anybody here think that this looks a little like a plastic version of the variable geometry Aviator intake? I can't really make up my own mind from the pictures, but that's what it reminded me of right away.

  3. The 2003 - 2004 Lincoln LS & T-Bird have electronic throttle contol.

    The stuff hanging on the side of the throttle body is the ETC control motor & sensor.

    Most FoMoCo engines will be switching to ETC in the next few years.
  4. I think it looks like a ls1 with a lt1 TB it really looks like a lt1 TB
  5. I dont care what it looks like, as long as its powerful

  6. :nice:
  7. Agreed. It looks like it's going to be a killer.
  8. looks like its going to be a beast
  9. Looks the same as the TB on the current Ford 4 valves :shrug:
  10. ALL I want to see is HOW that motor will be put into the new chassis, thats what is making me go nuts.