Digital Tuning 2005 Mustang Gt Idle Problem

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Harpreet, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. If you think there is a difference and something is not right then your probably correct! From what your saying everything sounds normal, I will see if my car does the same on my drive to work as I believe it does kick up during shifts......which is normal operation! If it did not your shifts would be quite harsh. My advise would be to get a cheep scantool from harbor freight, autozone, oriellys or sears! Very useful investment for about 100$. Being able to use live data is critical....stock gauges are just not that accurate. If your only concern is idle not falling fast enough and you have no misfires or rough running or engine lights I would not worry about it. You may possibly need a reprogramming by dealer but you may not see any difference! One last question, did this start after you installed k&n air filter? Most cold air intakes require a tune to perform correctly but I would not suspect that with just a filter replacement. Have you tried putting the stock filter back in and seeing if that makes a difference? What year is your mustang? Do you get a slight hesitation at around 2700rpm?
  2. 2006, no hesitation, K&N filter not kit - lives in stock airbox.
  3. Did the issue start soon after you put the new air filter in or after you took the throttle body off to clean it? Or did it just start randomly and that is why you took the tb off? On my way to work I noticed when I shift I will get a slight increase in rpm, less than a 100 or close to. When I snap the throttle to about 3500rpm in neutral at a stop, it will drop steadily to about 1100 then hang up for a moment, then slowly down to 740ish. Is yours the same way?
  4. Yes - all started with tb clean. Talked to ford mech - been on them over 30 years - says that is the way it works. He said should be no abnormal clutch wear from rpm staying high between shifts not to worry about it. I showed him my fix for TPS screw - he said that is what he would do with it until/if it acts up. He said he'd drilled several of those out himself. I am done worrying about it, thanks for your interest/input. I think I may go ahead with a Diablosport tuner and leave everything stock for now.
  5. Stumbled into a local guy who has an extensive tuning program - he was able to "dial it in" for exactly what I wanted. He did see the thorottle plates closing too slowly and MAF was off a hair probably due to K&N even though it is factory replacement. He also was able to change the RPM drop during shifts - I think he called it drift - car is extremely smooth during shifts with a bit more power and slightly better MPG.