2005 Mustang Leather...

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  1. :shrug: I was looking at the 2005 mustang order guide and I noticed that they only had dark charcoal and red leather. Does anyone know if there is going to be blue leather or any other color? Thanks!
  2. Your leather interior choices are:

    Medium Parchment - code KH

    Light Graphite - code K2

    Dark Charcoad - code KW

    Dark Charcoal with Red Accents - code KR

    There is no blue. If you are thinking of the blue inserts that were shown in M/T they were a photo chop.
  3. Speaking of colors, what do you think of Windveil Blue with Parchment? I'm trying to envision it.
  4. Ya, same here, I'm a fan of blue (ok, more accurate to say I'm obsessed :rolleyes: ) But Sonic blue isn't my thing, and I want to see Windveil in person because on my computer it just looks grey or silvery to me :shrug: Maybe its just my crappy monitor :bang: