2006 Boss 302 Mustang?

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  1. I dont see anything wrong with Ford producing a Boss 302 as long as its not just a name and stickers. Explain to me how the photochop isn't good. Im glad Bossjim posted right under it, considering the car looks almost identical.
    When im out on the streets in my 2.3, i get dirty looks from everyone, and everyone looks down on my car, im used to it. Imagine if the 2.3's were the only option in 79-93, do you think we would be arguing about Mustang reusing Boss, or would be be argueing about Ford calling their new supercar the Mustang because its a destroyed legend.

    Im all for a new Boss... as long as its not just a big marketing scheme, a mustang with paint and stickers.

    You're all complaining about reusing a legendary name, well i think ford's allowed to.
    Chevy has done it enough to make up for ford calling every car they ever make the model T.

    IE: Lumina - 4 door family car 140hp
    Lumina Euro - 2/4 door family car 140hp
    Lumina APV - minivan
    Lumina Z34 - 2 Door performance sports car 215hp ([email protected] wheels)(next step down from the corvette, the engine was designed to go into the corvette, but no one wanted a V6 corvette)

    Ya i know, the Lumina's such a legendary name :p ... even tho its what Dale Earnhardt drove and everything, and it won a few championships.
  2. New Boss 302

    There is no going back!! As an owner of a 1970 BOSS 429 and BOSS 302 (both GRABBER ORANGE) I would like to see the new BOSS if they build one, based on the double overhead cam mod motor - bumped up to 5 liters. Just my opinion. Ed
  3. I wish everyone would look and listen as we are building BOSS's You can get them from as Mild as a Decal package to as wild as 600 twin turbo hp why does this discusion go on. Put your money where your mouth is and order one. if you want IRS we can put it in as an option if you want 302 or 310 Ci we have them You want 300 hp we have it you want 450 we have it you have a big check book and what 600 we have it Contact me at [email protected] if you want info on New Boss Mustangs Shinoda Performance Vehicles Inc is taking orders now.
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    Although I think it is great to see vendors taking part in public forums. I have to ask you to refrain from advertising your goods and services. I am sure you understand, being a manager and all, if you have an employee who is breaking the rules, you have to say something. We here at SN have a classified section. If you wish to advertise you goods and services within the boundaries of the rules, please contact [email protected]

    Thank you
  5. I don't mean to be insulting, but since you brought it up......... Shinoda is an aftermarket company. Aftermarket cars just are not as desirable nor do they hold their value like factory high performance cars do. Owning a trademark does not make your modified Mustangs real Ford Boss's. In addition the prices of your "Boss's" are insane (as are Saleens & Roushs. :notnice: You can buy a factory Boss Mustang today. It's just that Ford has chosen to call it the 2003 / 2004 SVT Cobra Mustang.
  6. As a double Boss owener, thanks for your comments. I agree and that's what I've been trying to tell that other Boss 302 owner. :nice:

    Ford should make the following:

    Boss 302, 302 CID, 4 valve, all aluminum, VVT etc. with over 350 HP.

    Boss 351, 351 CID, V-10, 3 valve, VVT etc. with over 400 HP.
  7. Er... a 5.0 DOHC w/ VVT would make WAY more than 350hp. Something closer to 425hp. Of course, for reasons already stated, the likelyhood of ever seeing a 5.0 cammer in a factory car is about as likely as seeing a $15,000 V8 Mustang again. Now, the 351 is possible. IIRC, the V10 prototype they did was 2V SOHC w/o VVT, wasn't it?
  8. You're #'s are too optimistic for a 5.0 DOHC w/ VVT. The Cammer puts out about 420 HP, but that is w/o an exhaust system like you would see on a productin car and it is not emissions legal for new cars. VVT does not add any HP to an engine like the Cammer that already has been tuned for max HP. In addition, if a 5.0 / 302 Boss was made for the Mustang it would not have the Cammer's 94mm bore, further reducing HP. From what I've heard Ford had given up on trying to make a 94mm bore production engine as it will NOT meet Ford's durability requirmens. My estimate for a 5.0 DOHC w/ VVT with factory exhaust and 50 state emissions legal & 90.2mm bore would be more like 375 HP / 380 lb. ft.

    The V10 prototype had 4V, DOHC heads, but you are correct that it did not have VVT. It had a bunch of cats stuck on it, but we don't know if it was really emissions legal. Keep in mind the emissions requirements are getting tougher, so even if the V10 prototype met 2002 requirements it may not be legal for 2006 requirements.
  9. Do we have to have a V-10 for getting 351 CID? Or is a regular V8 acceptable?
  10. :lol: Unless you want to give Ford a Billion $ to develop a new larger bore spacing V8 and then buy all the tooling to put it into production, you have to have a V10 to get 351 CID.

  11. I have a 2001 Cobra and one of the reasons I like it is it feels a lot like the Boss 302 I drove years ago. Both have small high reving V8s with similar power, gross versus net HP not withstanding.

    I wish you would find that arcticle. I would like to test my memory against reality.
  12. I personally have no hang-ups with needing more displacement. Nor do I care if they have a 351 in any amount of cylinders. It was you who stated they should make it. So wouldn't that make it you that should pay for any developement?
  13. Sorry but I interpreted you post as you wanted a 5.8L V8 but not a V10. :shrug:

    The 351 CID V10 is already 90% developed, don't you remember the silver Boss 351 test car that was running around? Since the 351 V10 has the same basic dimensions as other Mod motors most of the tooling is already in place.

    It's also looking more & more like Ford will build the Shelby Cobra, if they keep the V10 in it, the deal for the V10 is sealed.