2009 Mustang Black Widow

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  1. So I go in to get my oil changed to my local Ford dealer (Future Ford in Roseville). I choose to go there because I get to see all the new and used Mustangs on the site. I walk into the showroom and there it is... the Black Widow.

    At first glance, I wet myself. The hood is awesome. The scoops are awesome. The spoiler is awesome... Then I open the 50lb hood (functional ram air scoop), and what do I find? The stock engine of a 2009 Mustang.

    Oh well. The outside looks great. The interior has nice soft leather seats, and the rest is almost stock. See the pictures attached. Sorry about the quality... I used a camera phone.

  2. The silver on black, hood and Roush wing look really good, but the quad tips, "Southern Comfort" and "Widow" badging... :puke:

    Thanks for the find/pics:nice:
  3. Is that a Saleen Heritage edition quad exhaust on the car or did they just weld in some tips?
  4. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you had to be there. It looks like a psychedelic dream car. :notnice:
  5. Mean looking car although it could stand to lose the huge "Widow" badge on the hood and the "southern comfort" on the back bumper.
  6. Those badges just plain suck. Way too big and just plain ugly. How does a Mustang become a spider anyway? That's some really messed up DNA, but then again I guess a cobra would be too. Talk about rice. Count me out. I would want the dealer to take thousands off the sticker, definitely no mark up.
  7. What about Southern Comfort?

    Sounds like they're encouraging drinking and driving!
  8. Like a husky Eunuch,all buff and no balls.
  9. Ghetto or rice? Not sure, but I am sure it is hideous
  10. WOW roseville !? HOLA **** thats were I take my car ! When did you go there last... I was there about 3 weeks ago and the had the red GT500 on the floor didnt see that ? Either way, All to his own (i guess) the car looks differnt thats for sure,I would have to see it in person to give an educated outlook on it !
  11. THANKS for sharing the pic..to each his own
  12. Whoever put the lettering on the front/back of the car musta been drinking a lil SoCo himself.

    That thing is brutal.
  13. That is just wrong on so many different levels. Terrible waste a good Mustang.
  14. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:
  15. You all can hate but for an 18 year old this is a dream car and I constantly get asked questions and thumbs up as I drive down the road. plus 305 hp is plenty :lol:
  16. Whos hatin, Its a three year old thread.
    Did you just buy the car?
  17. I b hatin now. Thanks for the necropost so I could join in on the bashin.;)
  18. Yeah, it's WAY overdone. It could have looked ok, but the badging and the quad tips are just too much.