2010 Mustang Interior Baring All

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    After seeing more and more of the 2010 Mustang each day, we are glad to be able to show you some very revealing shots of the next Ford Mustang's interior. The dash, cluster, and column were completely uncovered in these shots, showing us all there is to see in the upcoming Mustang. The redesigned interior seems to keep several of the current S197 Mustang's components, but the main dash facade, center console, gauge cluster, and steering wheel have been updated to give a cleaner, more prestigious appearance to the pony car. Don't worry, the updates don't take away from the ever-popular classic & retro feel of the Ford Mustang! Take a look and see for yourself...

    2010 Mustang Interior Baring All
  2. I like it alot. They fixed a few things like the cupholders and ebrake. I really like the gauges. The whole thing is very 67 68ish. Only thing that bugs me is the stereo bezel. Looks like a PITA to put in an aftermarket unit.
  3. Looks good, although I did like the circular vents, oh well but the thing that bugs me is that it looks like they still haven't incorporated any controls on the steering wheel (be they audio or climate), but then again just because you can get them on pretty much every other Ford vehicle (and most other cars including the kias :shrug:doesn't mean that they should put it in this car, it is only a 2010 model that's probably slotted for 2022),
  4. I really really don't like it !! :shrug:
  5. I love it.

    And that's not even the IUP!!!! :)
  6. Looks like they finally got the tach on the *right* side...
  7. Actually, that's the base model. I've seen another one that had all the cruise controls on the left side, so I'm assuming there's at least radio controls on the right.
  8. Does it have the Sync system? How about a nav system?
    My daughter has a Focus with the sync system. An aftermarket radio would be a PITA but why would you want it?
    I hope it has it and the connection for an ipod in the console, out of sight. The Focus has it below the radio which means if you plug in your ipod you can't leave it unless you want the whole world to see it.
  9. when will it arrive at ford dealerships? fall of 2009?
  10. Unless it comes with a usb connection, you can't get the best sound out of your iPod (or control it through the radio). That's one reason. And better sound would be the other reason. Even though the Shaker 500 sounds good, my upgrade made a huge difference in sound quality.
  11. The Sync system uses a usb connection for the ipod. And it reads your playlists and lets you control them by voice command. It works great. Bluetooth is also built-in and you can dial your phone by voice commands. It will even read text messages to you.
    She, my daughter, got the audiophile system for her Focus and it is much better than the Shaker 500. I pulled my Shaker 500 in my 2007 and installed an Alpine with ipod controls. I know what you mean, but Ford really has made some improvements in audio, if only it is in the new Mustang.
  12. IF that goes in the Mustang, then I don't see a need for replacing the stereo myself, though some will want to. But I'm assuming they also have a NAV version, and that version would be easier to replace if someone wanted one with DVD.
  13. Here's the new official photo of the 2010 Mustang interior:

    It looks like there's a new steering wheel that does have audio controls on it. The wheel itself looks fatter which will be cool. I don't like how the HVAC vents on either end of the cabin are circular and the ones in the middle are rectangles. Personally I like the style of our interiors better. However these new 'stangs look like they use higher quality materials.

  14. Wonder what the thingy is on the door under the mirror and above the door handle.
  15. I think it's just the window defroster relocated from the dash to the door. Nothing exciting :(