2010 stalls when climate control turned on

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  1. My 2010 V6 stick has begun stalling constantly - like the ignition key was switched off kind of stalling - whenever any function in the climate control is turned on. Blower on low, A/C on or off, makes no difference - the engines stalls. If I turn it off, it starts and runs fine. It did this a year ago 2 times, but could not get it to repeat so did not go to dealer. Now it has 39K on it - NATURALLY - and it does it constantly. I can turn the lights on no problem, but not my aftermarket fog lights (which I have tried disconnecting to isolate the problem but it still stalls with them disconnected).

    It's getting cold in MI. Need the heater to run.

    I pulled DTC's P0690, P1233, P201-P206.

    Any input?
  2. Also stalls when the wipers are turned on. No loose connections or fuses found.
  3. Does the car start immediately after it stalls? Does the idle roll up and down at anytime?
    Do you have any type add of add-on alarm that inhibits the car from starting when active?
    Does the car have any performance modifications such as an aftermarket computer program?
  4. Did you ever find out what the problem with your car was? I have a 2010 v6 with 27,000 with the same problem. I can't figure it out. Took it to a local mechanic and they said they had no clue because they could not get the car to reproduce the problem. Stalls once a week. Other then that runs fine.

  5. Hi dkuhn1973,

    I suggest having a Ford dealer inspect it, since they know your Mustang inside and out. Besides, it may still be covered under warranty! :)

  6. yeah,

    that's what the mechanic said too...I just have to find time in order to take it over there. Probably won't be able to do that until around christmas time. I was hoping it was something that would be easy to fix or replace.

  7. I know dealer visits can be inconvenient; they may have a courtesy shuttle so you can wait somewhere more comfortable. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

    Have a good upcoming weekend!