Expired 2011-2012 Mustang Gt And 2012 Boss Borla S-type Stinger Axle-back Mufflers

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M J Meyer

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Sep 29, 2013
Collegeville, Pennsylvania
I removed these from my 2011 Mustang GT to install a full Kooks system. They have LT 5000 miles and sound amazing. They are stainless steel with huge 4.5" polished tips and sell for over $750 new.

These mufflers on the the stock exhaust manifolds with a hi-flow catted x-pipe got a lot of compliments and had a unique deep sound. Borla is impossible to beat when it comes to the right muscle car sound.

Note: the left (driver) muffler tip has a minor defect from another car backing into mine at a car show earlier this summer. It's very minor and I tried to show it in the close-ups. The driver was backing into a space and going 3 or 4 mph. My bumper cover took most of the impact, but there was a slight dent where the top of the muffler tip rolls over. It was pretty well removed with a sand bag and nylon mallet and is hardly noticeable.
FYI: I also have a Magnaflow stainless 3" x-pipe with hi-flow cats and I may consider selling with the mufflers as a kit. This x-pipe sells for $950 new.


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