2011 Gt 6mt 3.31 Rear Acceleration

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  1. Just got this car about 10 days ago and love it. Got it from a dealer and not sure if a full history on the car. Supposedly lady owned.

    Anyway. Above 4500 rpm it's a beast (as everyone knows).

    From a stand still and no clutch dump, it barely spins the stock 18" tires.

    Is this what I should expect?
  2. I spun the tires all the time when I first got the car. Maybe you're just doing it wrong.
  3. Maybe. I've taken traction control off. Luke it just lags from a low speed cruise.
  4. Maybe you have good tires that do their job? Bigger gears will give you that oomph. I experience a lag occasionally but that's due to mine being an auto. You shouldn't have that problem.
  5. Stockers but brand new.
  6. Have you held the traction control button with break depressed for 10 seconds? The computer turns off everything—traction control and stability control—when you hold it at a stop for 5 seconds, but what we count as 5 seconds is sometimes too fast, so count to 10 or until the dash indicates that the nannies are off. Basically, 390 ft-lb is plenty to rip the traction. I would assume either one of the nannies are still on or you are in the wrong gear. My auto with 3.15 gears and 20-inch rims was tearing through 1st and part of 2nd, chirping in 3rd with a street tune.
  7. Just seems to be lagging from off-idle.
  8. I make sure all traction and stability is off for sure.
  9. If you wan to get rid of lag then a CAI and tune will do.
  10. Is the lag normal
  11. I didn't have a 6 speed manual. I would expect lag in an auto. I resolved it with a street tune in large part.

    But with a 6 speed manual, it is about the gear selection. Can you give us a detailed example? For example:

    I'll be rolling at 10 mph in 1st gear.
    RPM roughly 3000.
    Floor accelerator pedal.
    No wheel spin; response lagging.

    To me, if you are in 2nd gear at a roll and stomp on it, you may have lag due to gear selection. It all depends on the scenario you are testing with.

    But 3.31s aren't really designed for out of the hole acceleration; they are more for top end and mileage. If you want better low-end response, 3.73s are ideal, but a street tune could really help. The ProCal tune from the FRPP claims to give 60 ft-lb low-end torque increase, which is quite the jump in low-end response.
  12. Today, I started from a stop, reced to 1000-1500 rom and toasted the tired in first gear. Completely useless.

    From a 5 mph roll in 1st I get a smudge if wheel spin but not much.
  13. That doesn't sound normal at all.
  14. What doesn't?
  15. This part doesn't sound normal. Sounds like the nannies are still on, but that doesn't make sense given from a dead start you can roast the tires.

    Even in my auto with 3.15 gears in 1st at 5mph I would roast 'em.

    Problem is, you bought a used car, and the dealer from which you obtained it probably isn't going to help for free. I would get the car checked out though. That's just me.
  16. No nannies. Maybe the dig gearing in the auto
  17. Dude I spin tires at 55mph when I down shift into third and hammer on it. Go get it checked out. Maybe the owner before hand tuned it down because it was too much.
  18. "tuned down because it was too much" :nonono:
  19. Hey I didn't say I think it's too much, but the previous owner might have.
  20. lol what are you talking about man?