2011 GT500 4k miles - TX

Discussion in 'S197 Mustangs For Sale (2005-14)' started by Vankuen, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Guys and Gals,

    I've got some changes coming down the pipe and expecting about 1k less per month of pay. So I've got to let the GT500 go. If you know anyone who's interested or are interested yourself, please PM me.

    The asking price is $48k to put the car below market value based on what's being sold at retail for pre-owned models with the same mileage, condition, options, etc.

    This car has the 2.6 pulley and Lund Tune, comes with the original pulley and an SCT tuner for PCM programming. I also replaced the air filter w/ an Air Raid Dry replacement filter when I changed the oil to Redline 20w-50. Fully loaded w/ the SVT and electronics packages. Dyno'd at 506 RWHP.

    The photos...

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  2. Hate your having to sell that! :/ I miss mine dearly.
  3. Thanks. I'm going through a transition right. I'll be in a mustang again one day. But I do need this car gone...soooo please pass on word even if you're not in the market yourself. I appreciate it.
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