2011 V6 Test Drive ... AWESOME!

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  1. Finally drove a '11 V6 Stick today.

    Most awesome car I have ever driven.

    I have had a '80 straight 6 Ghia Hatch, '88 4 cyl Coupe, '91 LX 5.0 Coupe, and a '04 GT ... and this car beat them all.

    This car IS a Muscle car.

    Just one piece of advice, dont drive the auto ... go with the stick.

    This car easily caught 2nd, then 3rd ... and if I'd had the room I feel 100% that it'd have caught 4th as well. It just plain hauls @$$.

    The one I drove had the 3:31 rearend and it was a blast. Does anyone know how much it reduces gas mileage though?

    It didn't have the Brake/Handling package. but I didn't miss it at all.

    The one I drove was a Premium model, does anyone know if you can get the 3:31 or the Brake/Handling packages on the Base model?

    And the exhaust was fantastic as well. All around a GREAT car.

    Believe the hype!

    (I can't even imagine how unbelievable the 5.0 is going to be ... but it is out of my price range).
  2. im waiting a while to get totally out of debt so i'm trying to avoid driving one yet. i know its gonna rule my world. did it handle well? i think i want the track pack but i know i'll always upgrade the springs, struts, wheels, and brakes anyhow.
  3. Good idea to wait ... other wise you'll be like me and wanting one before you can get it.

    It seemed to handle as well as my '91 LX 5.0 Coupe, and far better than my '04 GT. I haven't driven any other 2005+ Mustang GTs so I can't compare to those, but what I can say is that the regular handling package that was on the '11 V6 I drove was MORE than enough for me. But I do want the upgrade anyway, if for nothing else the upgraded brakes.

    If I can get the Handling/Brake package on the base model, I will. Otherwise, I'll have to wait till I can get the V6 Premier.
  4. Am not looking forward to all the tourist on Maui roads with 300 hp mustang convertable rental cars from now on. If you have never been here, its like every 5th car is a mustang vert. Gotta keep modding my 06 Gt to stay ahead of the tourists!!!!! LOL

  5. the track pack should be available for base and premi models. i doubt ford would make enthusiests pay 5 grand on top of the track pack just to get the track pack :)

    at that point you'd be better off just getting roush brakes, suspension, and bumper :)
  6. My .02 cents on the 2011 v6 Mustang:

    Earlier this week I drove a 2011 Mustang v6. It was a base model automatic transmission in Grabber Blue with black interior. I was disappointed by the vehicle, it wasn’t the tire ripping, fire spitting, 300hp beast that I originally imagined. The most apparent characteristic in the power train’s design was the focus on fuel economy. When accelerating below half throttle, the transmission up shifts quickly giving a bogging sensation. When I did accelerate at full throttle, power didn’t feel as dynamic as I imagined, with acceleration coming in phases.

    Steering lacked feel and the suspension was soft. The ride was more aloof, then road conquering.

    What I experienced was mostly likely attributed to the automatic transmission and conservative tuning for fuel efficiency. I assume with the six-speed manual and a tune, the car would feel amazing. But, I was left with the feeling that I was driving an Accord coupe not the next generation of American muscle.
  7. The SAME thing happened to me the day before. I drove an Auto and felt VERY DISSAPOINTED.

    I agree 100% with your assesement on the Auto "issues".

    All my previous Stangs were autos, but the next WILL be a stick.

    The stick is a TOTALLY different, totally better car.

    So go back and test one of those ... PLEASE.
  8. I would love to test drive a manual, but all 2011's in this area are automatics.
  9. On the F150 forums alot of owners with the 6 speed have been reporting harsh shifts and delayed shifts, along with that bogging down feeling. Dont these new engines have drive by wire throttles?
  10. Yes they all are drive by wire throttles. This is an issue with the 05-09 autos also but once you put get a tune it is a night and day difference.

  11. Did you drive an auto? I can't speak for the new transmissions in the 2011's but I went to an auto in my 2010 and like it much better than the manual...I also thought the auto in the 2010 Mustang was superior to the auto they're putting in the 2010 Camaros.

    Harsh delayed shifts with a bogging down feeling were what I was getting with my '08 5spd manual :rolleyes: I hope to improve some of the throttle delay and bog on my 2010 with a tune.

    I guess I'm just wondering how both transmissions compare to the previous 5spds? In my opinion the Tremec was a turd...the auto is great...what about 2011? ...And w/ 2011 is a tune even possible?
  12. As mentioned by another poster earlier, the tune of the Auto from the factory is anemic at best.

    With a aftermarket tune, it can't help but get better. But even though all my past Stangs have been autos, I will not get one this time. I dont even want to take the chance of a aftermarket tune getting it like I want it. The Stick is already more than just fine right out of the dealer's lot.

    After a couple of months, there will be a better answer, but for now, even I say "get the stick"
  13. For the '05 - 10 I wouldn't even think of getting a manual. ...I'm enjoying the auto (even with anemic factory tune) sooooo much more! I have hope that the Getrag in the 2011 is better than the Tremec though. .....
  14. I test drove the 2011 V6 with Auto, and I had about as much fun as driving my girlfirend's Civic. It was weak. It was not what I expected at all.
  15. Did you guys drive these automatics in sport mode or regular mode?
  16. People its a v-6!!!! How can anyone call a v-6 a muscle car? It doesnt sound nor does it perform like a muscle car! Its a 260 something at best rwhp car, dont be fooled by the flywheel rating of 300hp. Dont get me wrong its a considerable improvement over its previous counterparts but thats it! An as for that hollywood production of a commercial featuring the v-6... yeah right! There will be some poor sucker who buys that wolf ticket of a car only to have his dreams crushed by a V-8! Save ur money, the 5.0 coyote is your best bet!!
  17. Yee Haw!!! :rolleyes:

    Get real man...that wolf ticket of a car can outrun most of the V8 Mustangs of previous years. Don't get me wrong...I love V8s and that's why I opted for the GT but the new V6 seems like it will be a great car.

    Yeah, I wonder about that too. You need traction control off to really see how the car performs. (Is sport mode available on the V6 models?).
    TCS limits performance big-time and makes the car seem anemic and boggy.
  18. Regular mode, does turning traction control off enable a different tune? There weren't any issues with traction when I was accelerating.
  19. It may out perform some V-8's of previous years but its still a v-6! Its over-rated and hyped way too much! But then again I see ur point of view... it will dominate the lower ranks!
  20. I'm just commenting based on driving a 2010 GT. ...but having traction control on limits the performance. You won't notice any problems with traction because it will work its magic and prevent you from breaking the tires loose. IOW you're not going to burn the tires and chirp the shifts and at times it will make the car feel like it's bogging because of braking or engine limiting being applied.

    I don't think the v6 is overhyped. With the higher horsepower, dual exhaust, and a limited slip axle it IS a real muscle car and has the performance numbers to prove it. Sure, the 5.0 or 4.6 will outperform it (assuming they're post '05) but there are cars capable of outperforming them as well...some with fewer than 8 cylinders ;-)
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