2012 Mustang Wheel Upgrade Question...Please help

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  1. Hello,

    I have a 2012 V6 Premium Mustang with the upgraded 18 inch polished aluminum wheels. The tire size currently is 255/40-18. I am wanting to upgrade to a 255/45-18. Keeping in mind this is the base model Mustang, would I be able to upgrade to this size tire without having any rubbing issues with the wheelwell and any issues turning?? Has anyone upgraded to this size tire on a 2012 Base Model Mustang? Also, would there be any overhang outside of the wheelwell? I am wanting to upgrade to: Please see link below for further info. Thanks for your input.

    18x9 Chrome Saleen Wheels
    255/45-18 Tires

  2. Upgrading to the higher profile will increase your wheel/ tire diameter by 1 inch. This will result in your speedo showing your speed 3.8% slower than your actual speed. This info can be seen for yourself here:
    Just input your stock size and your upgraded size to see the difference. You would be able to correct the speedo difference with the use of a handheld SCT tuner (also sold through American Muscle).

    As for the wheels, there shouldn't be an issue with overhang as there are many wheels out there running significantly more aggressive offsets.