3.73 vs. 4.10 - My actual experience

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  1. 3.23's here. At 70mph, I am turning 1800rpm. I know it's acurate because I did the same thing Tim did, check it will a GPS. At 80mph I am at 2200rpm. 25.8mpg FTW.

    BUT, I am making a pretty big jump pretty soon. Going from a 3.23 to a 4.30. We will see how long it takes before I yank them out and put the stock gears back in it! lol.
  2. If you any sort of long distance highway driving daily steer clear of the 4.10's... At this point I wish I had my 3.73's but hopefully I can find a Honda to drive back and forth to work.
  3. +1 Still running stock gears and love them. I still think gears are a waste of money on stock cam/head/intake 2v, your just pissing money away in gas.
  4. The funness of a geared car goes up tremendously though... and yea I just said funness. I sported the 3.27's for a year and just got 3.73's and couldn't be happier. So what if I lose a mile or 2 in my milage it makes the car feel like it actually is capable of going quick. Im not knocking the 3.27's for highway at all but if you want gear and don't want overkill on the highway 3.73's are the only way I would go. I would hate to switch back to the stock gears now after feeling what 3.73's are like and it would seem like a different car.
  5. LOL oh boy. I'll go ahead and let you slide this time, but :nono:

    Im guessing that you've never driven a geared 2V. The difference is night and day. I just had some 4.10's put in my car and it honestly feels like they added 100+HP. The gas mileage difference is not as big as people make it out to be, at all.
  6. um yeah I used to own one, had a 98 vert w/ 2.73 gears and moved to 3.73s. Not only my gas mileage went from 29 on the highway to 20, I lost 3-5 tenths in the 1/4 mile. Yeah It felt faster, but thats it.
  7. wow...I went from consistant 18-20 to 20-22 MPGs switching from stock to 3:73's, with mostly stop and go SoCal freeway driving
  8. I am very happy with my 3.73s. I have 295 BFG Geforces and they still break loose way too easily with 3.73s shifting into 2nd. It's actually rather annoying.

    And on the highway I am still sitting below 2500RPMs at about 80mph.
  9. My BFG KDW2's spin even easier now...and it's no where near intentional. They're at the wear bars and have new ones coming in Wednesday so hopefully it'll fix the issue.
  10. I'm still on my first set, those things are expensive! Great tires though.

    Hopefully the LCAs will give me a little better traction if I ever get them put on
  11. I just bought a 2nd set to put them on. Found my spreadsheet I used to track my Mustang. I put the original set on at 57,433 miles and now I'm at 86,000+. Not bad for this tire with no rotating at all (different front/rear sizes). The front are definitely worse than the back but aren't slicked. They have hit the wear bars but still have some OK tread left. I could probably put another 5,000 more miles on them but just not comfortable in the rain with the 295's on the back.
  12. 4.10s may be more fun, seems like the 3.73 cars usually run better since they actually can hook at the track. I still have the stock 327s with a 5 speed. IMO 410s are just overkill for a car that does any real highway driving.
  13. 4.10's have the largest fun factor, but if you have subpar tires plan on spinning all of first and most, or all of second.

    4.10's will rocket the car out of the hole on the track given you can hook. It's a ridiculous feeling.

    They are more practical in city driving, but the downfall obviously being higher RPM's on the highway, but to some people this doesn't matter.
  14. WHAT!?!?! theres no way in hell. unless you have **** tires and the 373's just burned them off giving you a worse 60', leading to a slower 1/4 mile time...
  15. I got just about the exact same mileage with 4.10's as I did with 3.73's

    I checked with the IDS at work under fuel system it has a economy test that we use for fuel consumption complaints. Took it for the exact same ride after I swapped in the 4.10's and came back within 2/10's of a mpg of what I got out of it with 3.73's

    Driving style does have a huge effect on mileage and so does the amount of hills in the area. Massachusetts is not as flat as some of the Midwestern states so we don't notice much of a drop off with shorter gears. For example a ford engineer I know swapped 4.30's into his F-250 and picked up 3 MPG because the engine did not have to work so hard uphill, granted that was a overtaxed 5.4 F-250 and not a overpowered light GT
  16. 4.30's FTW does anyone else but me have them?
  17. I picked up 2 MPG the other day by switching gas stations. Not sure how consistent it is but I'm going to start using that station from now on. I fill up every night so within the week I'll have at least 4 fill ups from that station to compare. I was using RaceTrac but this one is a QuikTrip. We'll see. If it's the gas station than the 4.10's will be pretty close to the 3.73's.
  18. I take back everything I said. I have 3.73 gears. I have a rebuilt transmission and looked at the tag on it and ran it. Instead of having a .68 overdrive I have a .74 which gives me a pretty close calculation between a 3.73 with a .74 over drive and a 4.10 with a .68 overdrive. I'm talking 30 RPM difference. So in essence, with my .74 over drive it is similiar to having a 4.10 with a standard T-3650 with .68 over drive which is what most of ya'll probably have.

    Here's the chart: TTC: TREMEC Transmissions

    The tag will be on the left side of the transmission bolted on the bell housing.
  19. i am putting in 390s....still get great pull for the strip and highway still respectable