$300 shipped for Extrude-Honed intake for my 97 Cobra, good deal?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Craig Mack, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. I didn't think the 96-98 intakes could be extrude honed much, at least not like the 99+ intakes can since they are entirely cast where as the 96-98's have aluminum tubes for runners and only the base of the lower is cast...worth a try though I guess, see what kind of gains you can get from it...I'm guessing it'll clean up the ports some...
  2. I thought the same thing. Because of the material the 96-98 intake runners are made from, the EH would destroy it. Most folks get in their and cut the runners out instead because of that very reason. Someone over on Corral has an article on how to do that. I'd ask around over there for specifics. I would question exactly what was EH on that intake. Just so you know, EH and porting is completely different. EH is forcing an abrasive putty through the intake which wears away any particles, obstacles, or anything that obstructs flow untill a certain CFM is achieved. Porting is manually grinding and removing metal generally at entraces and exits because you simply cant get inside runners using a port method.

  3. :shrug: Are you sure? The aluminum tubes can't be modified? He said he saw the dyno with his own eyes. 14rwhp/17rwtq peak, with a lot of useable hp under the curve. He has owned 3 Cobras, has been through a plethera of mods, seen countless dynos and knows his stuff pretty damn well.

    This deal is hanging by a hair becuase its at his friends shop, being offered to people for around $500-600, which is still a price people will jump on, so hopefully I can conjure up the $300 in time.

  4. Well he was pretty adimate about the CFM mentioned in the linked thread. He didn't give me a bunch of specifics becuase it was late last night, but I hope to catch him soon to ask him. What would happen if you cut the runners out?
  5. I saw the liked thread, in fact whoever did those EH charts is on drugs!! :rlaugh:

    If it flows 310CFM and he can provide the flow graph that shows it, then good deal.