302 Computer on a 408?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by hoopty5.0, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. John, you needed a chip because you made the mistake of using a lightning meter.
    I don't see the point in that meter when you can simply buy the right calibrated meter for the job.

    That meter has no business on a foxbody, i realize people use it, but i don't see how it's a good budget meter when they pay $100 for them, then need a $500+ dyno tune to run it.
    Besides the fact, that the only reason they are available is because lightning guys replaced their meter with something better.
  2. So glad i dont have to screw with emissions. My 410w has a nice carb sitting on top, tuning is as simple as that. Good luck with the build though. You may not NEED a tune, but it sure wouldnt hurt, especially if youre trying to get any kind of power out of it, stock 302 stuff in general isnt going to get you real far.Then again, Ive been wrong before :shrug:
  3. So to help a guy out.....what do you recommend for hoopty to get for a MAF?peace

  4. To call anderson ford and get a PMAS (i'm told that they are the only ones with any left).
    Or get a dbx from them.

    Might as well do the matching power pipe while he's at it.
  5. I'd rather make one from tubing and silicone connectors, those Power Pipes are saaalty.
  6. I made one from tubing and rubber connectors for well under 50 dollars
  7. Pretty sure megasuirt eliminates the need for a MAF, if thats the case, for 300 more bucks you could have a 100% tuneable standalone system that connects right to your factory harness
  8. I'll more than likely make a "power pipe" type thing. I refuse to pay that for something that I can make out of aluminum tooobing.

    Anyway, thanks for the EFI tips. There are a couple of places in Houston that I can get it tuned at. I'll call Anderson when the time comes for MAF and injectors. My shortblock isn't even done yet though. Still have to finish my engine bay too, if anyone has been keeping an eye on the build thread...

    Should have some paint pics up by the weekend
  9. Forget anderson. Go to pro-m. For injectors and meters they are hands down the best.
  10. I thought Pro-M was out of business. Are they under a new name now?

    EDIT: Pro-M is definitely not out of business. Just went to their site and it looks like a set of 36s and an 80 mm meter will get the job done with a chip and tune.

    Problem: solved.
  11. The real pro m is out of business.
    For the most part they turned into PMAS, meaning their employees bought the flow benches and opened a new business.

    The new pro m has all the left over equimpment that pmas didn't want.

    As i said, call anderson the pmas meters are better although pmas may or may not be out of business, if they don't have what you want get a DBX meter.

    Styktn, you have to do more research before just throwing answers out there on topics.

    My information comes from sources that use 100's of meters a year.
    All three of which i mentioned above.
    They put their preference in the PMAS before they said their meters were spot on, then the DBX only, and they prefer not to use the new Pro M's meters.
  12. are you an engineer? Do you have 100s of bench test results from them? links? Or are you going on personal experience or bias?

    I am not just throwing information out, its not something I came across as a sticky on a web page. Its personal experience from people and machines I have worked with over the years. If you don't like it, ignore it.
  13. I'm going by a phone call i made to someone that has been using calibrated mass air meter for over 20 years. Someone that has more tuning and mustang experience than this entire board combined.

    Ignore it? It's hard to ignore bad advice. Then again, what the hell, it's not your money you are spending.
    You seem to respond to posts that you don't actually know the answers to, case in point your first post in this thread.

    If you don't know the correct answers, that's fine, just don't go in there and make one up though, something that you have done more than once.
  14. That's a pretty bold statement.
  15. :shrug: I went with a FAST its been the one constant in the car, I had a piggy back harness made so I didn't even have to run new wires. Every time I change my combo its an easy tune and im up and running. If your going to be in the game for life buy the right parts. Piece it together you don't have to have everything like Overhaulin; shipped, delivered, installed, and painted in a week.
  16. Not really, how many guys here do you really see that own or run shops with a dyno, and do tuning? That answer is almost none.

    About the only one i know of is Rick, who i happened to exchange conversation with from time to time, who also seems to be pretty smart and experienced.

    Most others are just backyard mechanics, which there is nothing wrong with, but they know nothing about how to do tuning programs, especially on cars more than just their own.
  17. Do you think that is a little bit contradictory since you have said many times that a tune is not needed?

    To me a standalone is the way to go, Ive said it a couple times in this thread but everyones focusing in on whose mass air meters are the best like its 1995
  18. Is it contadrictory to this topic?
    Sort of.
    Some consider a tune getting the fuel pressure and timing right.
    But i've seen them try tunes in all sorts of foxes, most of which the programs were previously done, and none even when reprogrammed could beat the fox computer.
    So it takes experience to know it doesn't really work. You can't knock something until you tried it.

    Their theory on a fox, the perfect meter, is very important. Including cars in the 650rwhp range.

    But that doesn't include their experience on antyhing 96 and newer, which do need tunes.

    I realize you like the standalone, but it's expensive and requires tuning outside the realm of many shops.
    S&B's car, i can see it, a NA 351 based engine, you'd have to be out of your mind.
  19. i have a 1970 mustang but it has a blown motor. I have a spare motor but its out of a 1989 bronco. could i put that spare motor in with many problems occuring
  20. MS3 is 600 bucks, plug and play with the stock harness, and you could get it tuned for 400 easy, so your into it for 1000 bucks and have a proven system that you can grow with as modifications are done. If you go to a shop that cant tune a standalone, just turn around and walk straight out the door
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