302 Supercharged Build Help?

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  1. Looking to buy and supercharge a 5.0.
    I want to build the motor before I buy a shell from my uncle,
    I'm wondering what my best bet is for year and vehicle to get the 302.
    I want to put the best kenne bell on it, wondering what I need for head, cam, valves, retainers, valve seats, throttle-body, headers, , pistons, rods, crank, bore size, rings, studs, motor mounts, clutch, flywheel, ect.. basically want to know the best set-up for a RELIABLE built 700+ supercharged 5.0L Going to put it into a 1990 fox body Stang,
  2. Whaaaaaaaaattt? Why not get a dart block if your gonna put 700hp to it stock blocks really handle 500 and aren't reliable after that ... instead of getting the most expensive Kennedy bell just scale that back so you can have some money for a new better block
  3. For starters your gunna need to a new block...
  4. Next... 700hp is going to be difficult if not, impossible to reach with the Kenne Bell available for the 5oh. The largest they ever made for the pushrod motor was 2.2L and non-intercooled. I don't think you can even get a 2.2L anymore. The Flowzilla/Blowzilla is a 2.1L now and you're still restricted by the GT-40 lower intake.
  5. maybe he's looking at the new 5.0 :shrug:
  6. But he's in the Fox section. :shrug:
  7. he says its going into a 1990 fox?
  8. Is it better just to buy a 4.6l and supercharge or maybe just turbo.. i really dont know what to start with for a ground up motor build.. Im going to build motor before I even buy a car, I want a boosted (turbo or supercharged) fuel injected motor. Won't be starting this build until my current build is done for my brother. Just wanted to know the best motor to build that is easy to get parts for and wanted to keep my options open..
  9. Ditch the whole kenne bell idea and look towards a Vortech!! You will need an aftermarket block as the others stated as well..
    What's your budget? How fast to do you want to go with the car?
  10. i think prochargers are a better option. also a boss block is minimum imho
  11. reliable 700hp? :lol:
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  12. its doable, but not really if your on a tight budget!
  13. 351 block would be a better and cheaper place to start