1. i am finishing up my motor that had some issues i had issues with my motor snapping oil pump shafts because of the pump kept seizing, it ran fine for along time and all of a sudden started snapping shafts because of a seized pump, any ideas why the pump would seize? clearence between the shaft-pump-dist. was good, warm weather, good oil, is it true my cam bearings could be bad?
  2. The oil pump is driven by the distributer which is driven by the cam. I doubt the cam bearings are to blame. I would think you would have heard noise from it. Maybe you just had a defective pump. Or have you had differnt pumps with the same results?
  3. mine snapped because of some junk getting into the pump.
    make sure your pickup is clean there could be some crap inside it.
  4. ok i will see when i finish it and fire her up lol but i had replaced pump twice i used sam pickup but now i have new one with melling hv pump , and a arp shaft i just didnt want to finish putting this thing togethor and it snap my shaft when i could of replaced my cam bearings or something but if it is not clausible for the cam bearings to cause this issue then aweosome!!!!!!
  5. If it were the bearings you would see evidence of the damage on the bearing diameters of the cam.
  6. I had a pump that would seize many years ago in a 79 5.0 Mustang. The culprit was the plastic teeth on the stock cam timing gear. These would break off and get lodged in the pump. For some reason a genius at Ford though plastic teeth on a timing gear would be a good idea! I'm betting this isn't your problem cause I'd bet you don't have plastic teeth on the cam gear. I would bet on some kind of debris in the pump though.
  7. thanks for the advice i have a gear drive installed so that eliminates plastic issue
  8. Any updates ??
  9. Maybe metal shaving shered off the gear drive causing it to get sucked into the pump and seized it.
  10. I am in middle of building it so in like 4 mo i wil see how she runs lol