30lbers of 42lbers?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BelueLX, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Im about to upgrade my injectors because I want to cut my boost up above 5 psi. Should I go with 30lb'ers or 42lb'ers? Ill be running full exhaust/10 psi/ 50 shot of nitrous for now. Im getting AFRs, intake and cam mid-2004 and dont want to have to upgrade again. Thanks,

  2. I would go with 36#, they will leave room for your H/C/I as well. Just make sure your fuel system is up to the job and have it dyno tuned.
  3. Go ahead with the 42's, just be sure to get a bigger pump, a fuel pressure regulator, and a matching mass air meter.
  4. unfortunately your injector selection must be based on your current hp level.

    the stock eec when at wot ignores the mass air meter and o2 sensors and tells the injectors to pulse at a preprogramed level from ram. so if you make 300hp and 24lbers are good for that and you install 42's because next year you plan to upgrade the hp it will run pig rich and kill hp.

    if you tell us your current engine combo we could tell you what injector you will need.
  5. yeah but most people dont follow injector ratings last time i checked...b/c they are rediculously high..just liek the mass air..for example..it says 70mm can flow enough for liek 450 hp..but who do u knwo that has 450HP is running a 73mm...most have 80mm...same concept ith injectors. as far as ive seen.
    anyway...30# to 40# are a big jump, what about 36#?....and i dont get what u mean by u want to cut your boost up above 5...do u mean bring it above 5psi?? or bump it by 5 psi?...