30mpg in the stang, possible?

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  1. This thread caught my eye.. I have a '98 3.8 V6, auto, and the only real mods are Flowmaster duals and BBK intake. I got exactly 30 mpg one time, and it was a highway trip. I gassed up right next to the highway, then 250 miles later as soon as I pulled off the highway I gassed up again, and it was 30 mpg. This was in summer, so it was about 90 degrees outside, and I had the A/C going the whole time. My gears are Ford stock; I think 3.27??
  2. anyone have a supercharger and can keep their foot out of it?? bueler? anyone anyone? bueler?

    six speed with a low 6th gear ratio would help.
  3. buy a stock honda civic , they get pretty good mileage.
  4. i do a solid 28 on the highway in my coupe...
    aod, 2.73's.... make sure your air filter is clean, and tires are aired up...
  5. Damn, this thread is old. I say using 2 or 3 Tornado fuel savers will get you closer to 40mpg and make your stocker run 9s.

  6. LOL Thats a good one I like it!! It could be worse, it could look like a camaro
  7. I come pretty close to 30mpg almost everytime i drive my car on the highway. 300rwhp and i have 3.73's. Its all about how you drive...most people dont understand how much concentration it takes to get great gas milage...and a vac guage! I normally get between 26-27 hgwy. The aero does kill ya...but to be honest the fast you go the better the milage gets up to a point. i normally cruise at 70-75 and when i get to big downhill i kick it up to 80-85...while the injectors are almost closed. Its an ART!
  8. As for the "Acetone" users...... if you believe it is working all the power to you but I saw on Mythbusters...yah Mythbusters and they tested various so called "fuel savers" Acetone (in their test) on a carbed mid 80's Cutlass did nothing, zero, zilch, actually may have decreased ( by fractions of a gallon) mileage in their test. Not saying there are not exceptions but in general I would say it is of little value. They actually tested a number of gimmicks turbonator among them even one involving electrolysis that claimed up to 300mpg! and would not even start the car. All of their tests found no increases. They did prove that if you drive a diesel and cannot find a place to fuel up you can run on filtered french fry oil with only minor fuel mileage loss. So as for the acetone maybe the benefits are do to other factors(better driving, tune etc.)
    As for the fuel debates( and Mr. Yount you sure are a man of much knowledge) the bottom line is the infrastructre. It has cost billions of dollars build the refineries, pipelines the whole distribution network for gas and the value...from what it costs to make the gas to what you get back and considering the massive changes that would be required to convert over to another main energy source( I mean on a global scale mass market) I think that gasoline is going to be around for a long, long time.
    When I bought my car I had many goals for it, to get 30mpg is not on my list. Not being disrespectful, just meaning wether it gets 20-30 won't change my life in any noticeable way. I just put gas in more often. But I suppose 30 would be better.:rolleyes:
  9. Torturing a 5 liter mustang into getting 30 mpg is like torturing a honda to get 300hp.

    Both machines had an intended purpose and a design mentality. Mustangs were never meant to be economy cars and economy cars were never meant to be sportscars.

    The best I got after serious weight reduction, electric fan, acetone, driving by vacuum guage on open highway was 25mpg back when she was stick. And that was a pain to pull off...watching the vacuum guage like a hawk for half a day.

    Why torment yourself?

    Just buy a 1.8 Corolla. That thing will pull 32-34 mpg with you stomping all over the gas all day long and not watching vacuum guages and drifting along in neutral.

    Let each car serve its intended purpose.
  10. 427.4 to the rear tire... 21.6 mpg at 70-75 mph.
  11. What would happen if you had a vacuum pump attached to the engine to pull a bigger vacuum, like say, a crank driven pump?
  12. LOL! You will get 60 MPG!!!

    Now all the Big Oil company executives will be banging down your door for letting that secret get out!

    It is not the vacuum that results in good gas mileage, but the other way around. Driving the car conservatively results in higher, more consistant vacuum. The vacuum gauge is just a way to alert you as to how the car is running. JC Whitney used to have (and probably still does) a "gas mileage gauge" they sold. It was just a vacuum gauge with a different scale on it to tell you if you were getting better MPG or worse MPG.
  13. hehe it was too good to be true :nonono: :rolleyes: