31 Spline Axles?

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  1. I bought Moser 31 spline axles with a FRPP diff. Are they strong enough for 6-700hp/tq at the strip? I'm starting to think I should step up to 35 splines and go 5 lug with a moser wave trac diff. Then it would be bullet proof.
  2. I don't think any "diff" is up to the task of taking the abuse a drag strip launch will subject it to repeatedly. If you are concerned that you need a 33/35 spline axle, you probably should pass on any standard diff, and go to a full spool.

    Do they even make a diff to accommodate a 35 spline axle?
  3. is it an auto or a stick? and will it be on a slick or a radial??
  4. It'll be a stick and a radial. Right now nittos but will be switching to either Mickeys or M&Hs.
  5. they wont live to long with that kinda power to them with a stick radial car.
  6. That's what I've been thinking. Thanks
  7. yes, but do you actually have 6-700 hp or is that a future goal?
  8. It's a future goal of next fall/spring 15'. I'm redoing the suspension right now. I got the axles,diff,disc brakes for 4 lug sitting in the garage. Now I'm rethinking my build. Either keep all of this and lowering my power expectations(backwardass logic) or upgrade the rearend and brakes with a 5 lug conversion. I initially thought 31 splines would be ok if I wasn't hooking hard. Not the first time I've had stupid thoughts. I'm going on my 3rd LCA in 4 years (stock replacements,MM non adj,now TeamZ) I want to run mid/low 10s maybe a high 9 eventually. Right now it runs 12.3 on the bottle. That was with eibach sport springs,struts and shocks. They are very stiff. With the new adj strange struts shocks,TeamZ UCA,LCA and ARB it should be a little quicker. For the power end I was going with a Ford Strokers 408-TKO600 that should make near 600hp and maybe a small shot if I need it.
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