Roush 351 streetbeast

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 97predator, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. got some questions for yall. i read up on the S351 and thought it was aa abda#$ car. is it possible to shoehorn somehting like this into a 99-up mustang?

    if so, how would one go about setting it up with EFI. is the setup used by Saleen a custom manufacture for their use? or are there kits for this? then, i bet a twin turbo setup would just be sick on somehting like that.

  2. link does not work.
  3. bummer. it was a 351 crate engine. it was 1800 for the long block. am i write in this, that the 5.0 heads fit, but that the head bolt holes just would need to be drilled out to the 351 size of 7/16"? then go superchargeed, i think that would be a mean street car. obvi :hail2: usly the S-351 is.
  4. You can do the conversion. You have to change the K-member, wire harness, tranny, cooling system,and modify the fuel system just to install the windsor. It is really cheaper to just buy a used S351 than to do the conversion unless you have the parts to do the swap lying around. You could buy a wrecked 94-5 GT and you would get alot of the parts needed.
  5. i love the saleen look. how much would a s351 set me back. at the top of the summer i will be in a position to buy. i really want the displacement of the s351, and as said before, the style is incredible. thanks.
  6. They have been a few 94-5 sold on ebay for the mid 20's. The 96 up will be a little more expensive. You can contact Mark at Performance Autosport. He usually has a few for sale or on consignment.