351C in 87-93 mustang or 94-95

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mustangless, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. My friend got a 351 clevland out of a 1974 ford f250. He is wanting to rebuild it into a really good engine. I think he is wanting to up the displacment and make it fuel injected.

    how hard would this motor be to put in 87-95 mustang? would it be harder to put in a 6 or 4cylinder than a 5.0 car?

  2. Do a search. There is a lot of good info here already.
  3. If thats the original motor in the truck it's most likely a 351/400 M motor and not a C. One way to check to see if it's a C is to look at the Thermostat housing mount on the block. If it is raised somewhat then it's a M motor, if it's about flush with the area where the distrib. area is its a C. Another way is to measure the top bolts where the trans mounts up, the C uses the same pattern as a 302-351 W and the M motors use the wider patttern like a BBF.

    The Cleveland will bolt-in to a Fox body using a swap oil pan, swap headers. It's a pretty straight forward swap using the stock 302-351W motor mounts and it has the 302-351W transmission bolt pattern making it easy. Hope this helps.

  4. hes right, its probably an M making it a big block bolt pattern.

    if its a C it will bolt in but still be heavier than the windsors. it will probably need to front springs especially if its a four cylinder car.

    if it works that would be cool. my 4v cleveland is almost bullit proof, plenty of top end.

    i dont think it would be easy to find fuel injection for that engine though