$4,000 Flame job

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Slam, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Well it looks like tuesday is going to be the day now. Oh well I can wait. I will posts pics when I get it back. :)
  3. nice looking scallops.
  4. Slam!! You know your the man right? The fact that the flames are blue/white, says thats the hottest 05 Mustang Paintjob around!! You rock man!! :nice:

    Very nice color choice.. Did you have this plan in mind when you bought that color?

    Also, the title of the thread is classic.. I thought you were going to post pictures of a bad hatchet job.. ...................'"BAAAMMM!".........Ice, Ice Baby!! LOL!
  5. It's Wednesday, any updates with pics???
  6. Pics! Pics! Pics! I am so inpatient! I WANT PICS! please :)
  7. Pics are in

    Here are the completed pics for ya.
    Chris your car looks great..Enjoy.


  8. Thanks for the help Phantom. Alright I am ready for coments, tell me what you think.
  9. Looks great!
    Now for some dark tint and new rims!
  10. Looks Awsome!!! :nice: Where in Maryland are you? I'll certainly notice you if you happen to come to Virginia!!
  11. I'm on the Eastern Shore...but I only resized and posted the pics for Slam.

    Chris your welcome....No problem.

  12. Oops!! Nice of you to help with the pics! :)
  13. Awesome, very very awesome! As said above, to finish her off you need some dark tint and some deep dish chrome rims! The paint job completey outclassed the stock rims :) That's a good thing! Awesome, congrats, nice job. Your car, if you push it a little, will make many magazine covers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  14. It looks nice, but if that was an STi or a Eclipse, everyone would be screaming "RICE" lol.
  15. I disagree with SpazHairlip. Your car definately does not look like rice. There is not a rice-mobil out there that could possibly look that nice :)
  16. Looks like an excellent paint job :hail2: . That blue color is my favorite. Enjoy.
  17. Slam, your car looks HOT!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Nice job!
  18. I typically don't like flames on stangs, I don't know why, cuz I like flames on bikes, old mercs lots of things.

    Your car however looks hot as hell with these flames. Great execution, colors, design....Just damn hot. Congrats on going against my sensabilities and coming up with a beautiful looking car.

    How guilty are you going to feel when you cause dozens of accidents because people will be looking at your car and not the road????
  19. Thanks for all the positive replies I am glad to hear everyone likes it. I just got my Zex kit installed and I have a set of Axis GT-R wheels on the way. You think it's able to make a magazine? That would be cool as hell.