4.6 Tech Important Threads (NEWBIES, HERE FIRST)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Spreadman, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. OK peeps. We're getting way too many stickies. So I'm consolidating them into one thread. I will leave this locked so that only mods will be able to add to them. If you see a thread as being genuinely informative, PM me and I'll consider adding it.

    General Infomation

    1996 through 2004 Technical Service Bulletins

    Ford EEC Codes

    4.6 2v intake manifold extended coverage !!!

    Your 4.6 liter blower combo/setup

    Wheel and Tire offset calculator

    3.73 videos in daily driving

    4.10 videos in daily driving

    Modification Survey Thread

    List of FAQ Tech threads, start your search with the search button, or start looking here


    1996 - 2004 rear end build

    Tremec TR3650 Problem thread

    Transmission Cooler installation for the 4r70w by 03ghoststang

    How to install wheel spacers by CobraRed_96_GT

    SLP Line Lock by propellerhead

    How to Install Gears by 03ghoststang

    Another gear installation thread by Slider

    Pictorial Guide to Odometer Gear Replacement by Jinx102672

    Traction Control Switch Bulb Replacement by SmokeyLa

    How To: Change Your Cluster to Blue L.E.D.s/Incandescent bulbs for $8 by AmBo


    2V Cam Install by Mustang92

    Accufab 75mm TB/Plenum Install Write-up by helty

    Replacing the AC Compressor Clutch by COramprat

    PI Intake Manifold Replacment by -=NightHawk=-

    PI Headswap Write-up by 5spd GT

    NPI-PI Cam/Manifold Swap by Dusstbuster

    PI Intake Swap Parts List by Scrody96GT

    How to prevent spark plug blowout by svttech76

    Installing a vac/boost gauge by kalvick


    bleeding cooling system by svttech76

    In car service of Timing Chain on the Ford 4.6L Modular V8


    Debate between H or X midpipe

    Polishing Exhaust by 04sleeper


    Suspension guide by tomustang

    Wheel and Tire offset calculator

    Weight Reduction

    Rear seat delete - DIY by -=NightHawk=-
  2. oh yeah, since I get asked this about 30 times a week, here's a pic of the IAC valve.........

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