Expired (4) Nitto 555 tires. 1k miles. FL (shipping) 255/45/18

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  1. I'm separating my rims and tires if I can find a buyer for my tires first!

    I drove my family to NC from FL and back on these and that's it.

    I have a lot of good feedback on other forums I can point you too.

    tires are 255/45/18.

    Feel free to text me at 4077482961

    650.00 Shipped and PP anywhere in the states!

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  2. Did you happen to mark the tires to indicate the direction they were rotating when they were mounted?
  3. They're still mounted :)

    I have someone interested in my rims if I can get the tires sold. my car sits on stands, rolls to and from the garage from the driveway. Miles and condition will remain practically brand new.
  4. I also work on base, The tire shop and UPS are within a mile of each other I can have these bad boys out next day of payment! Marked and all!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.