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  1. The difference between the LT1 and the LS1 power levels is the LS1 has a much better head/intake package. The difference between the ls1 and the 3V is 65ci. The differences between the LSx and mod motors are many, any direct comparison is fundamentally flawed.
  2. There's a guy on S197forums that broke 400HP NA and just ran an [email protected] He made 409HP to the wheels with JPC intake. For some reason, he has removed that for now and using the stock intake, which puts him at 380HP.

    Here's his mods:
    127500 cams
    livernois stage II heads
    steeda cai and carbon fiber inlet
    steeda race delete plates
    Kooks catted x pipe kooks cat back
    bmr tubular K member
    bmr race a arms'
    bmr billet LCA
    bmr relo brackets
    metco UCA
    bmr panhard bar
    stock sway bars, and the front sway bar was on the car
    4.10s, stock LSD
    I short belted it at the track and skipped the power streering
    bogarts on the front borrowed from JPC
    stock 17 inch bullits on the back with 275/40/17 mickey drag radials
    Spec stage I clutch (not recomended)
    frpp lowering springs
    bilstein dampers

    Stock parts:
    Stock flywheel
    Stock driveshaft
    Stock pulleys, my mod list says steeda underdrive pulleys but they are not on the car right now.
    Stock TB
    Stock Manifold
    stock 5 speed

    Here's the 1/4 info:
    60 1.711
    330 4.920
    1/8 7.610
    mph 91.89
    1000 9.931
    1/4 11.88
    mph 115.47
  3. LET THEM SCREAM!!!!!! who buys mustangs and camaros to keep them stock? not real enthuseists. its all about the aftermarket and making your car faster and faster. heads, cams, supercharger, turbo.....whatever, if i spend the money to make my car spank yours then thats just what it is a faster car it dont matter how i acchived that.

    they can cry all day that im blown....so what,my car is faster then yours and thats the bottom line. go spend the money, get a blower, no one is stopping them.

    until then my car is faster.

    its like my buddy, always talking about the new skyline and this and that and how these new cars will beat my car. maybe so, but do you have that car to kick my ass, no so stop talking...you have a stock maxima!!!!

    stock vs. stock.....BOREING!!!!!!
  4. chevy vs. ford this will never end...both have there ups and downs...the way i see it any car and out perform any car....it just depends on how you build the car and how you drive the car...hp and trq are worthless unless you get it to the ground...the last engine i built was a 315w block 302 style crank 6.2in rods and 393 stroker piston and 351c 2v heads with super victor intake which was ported with throttle body set up...the computer i used was an LS1 computer because the LS1 at the time had more tunning options...this combo was a very quick reving engine and had a good bit of tourqe...a good built 5.4l or 4.6l should have no problem getting 400 plus hp N/A... right now with what i'm planning on doing with my 4.6 3v i hoping to get 450hp....but before i do to much engine moods the suspension is first...another option out there for us mod guys is the 6.0L modular engine....it can be purchased as a longblock...but as i said before it all depends on what you plan todo with the car...port work on the heads will determin how the engine runs or 3valve or 5 valve job determins how the air flows...how u polish the heads also...the more polishing you do on the ports helps more at wide open throttle as to when u do less polishing after porting is better for lower rpm and mid rpm range...I ported and did a high polish job on a set of sb chevy heads and lost maybe bout 5% on low lift and gained bout 25% on the higher lift range which i flowed the heads on a flow bench before and after the port and polish....this was on stock cast heads....so all this said 400hp on a n/a engine now adays is very possible especially with the tech. these days....I dont know bout anyone else but i would love for a company to come out with a 4barrel style intake for the 4.6 3v...srry this was so long but there is just so many different ways to look at this and how to do it...trust me there is so much to take into consideration and how many different ways to get 400 plus hp
  5. What about weight?

    I have been reading this thread and feel the need to weigh in (pun intended).
    The reason I have avoided FI on my s197 is weight not to mention heat. I intend to use my car as a track day car on the road course and occasionally at the drags. Putting a 200+ Lb SC over the front tires on an already nose heavy car hurts handling, also blowers make alot of heat and the power tends to lay down after a few laps. If I was building a street car used for the weekend drags or for blowing away Corvette's I would put a big huffer on my stang, but I want power, track handling and the thrill of a high winding N/A motor, at least for this car.

  6. I can't think of any blower currently available for a modular Mustang that adds 200lbs to the front end after instal. Even my PD set up with oversized coolant reservoir and heat exchanger barely adds 1/3 of that weight.

    Besides, if front end weight is really a concern, there's always the option of a tubular K-member and coil over set up to knock it back down. And if you're building a car to handle, this isn't such a bad idea anyway.

    Yes, even with the biggest A/A or A/W aftercooler you're going to experience some degree of heat soak during repeated laps, but you're only ever going to be running WOT for a max of 15-20 seconds (even on the longest tracks) and you'll still make much more power than you ever could without it. :shrug:
  7. have you guys raced the 10 camaro yet. for the numbers they put up, i am disapionted at how slow they are. i have an 08 gt with simple bolt ons and a tune. some prick in a new SS caught me on the highway ********************************************************************************************** he should have killed me. i dont know what the fuss is on them. even the V6 owners think thier **** doesnt stink.

  8. about a month ago i raced an SS 2010 and i lost by half a car i had a 3.73 gear and no spare. I think the numbers arent everything with the camaro. The 300hpv6 i destroyed. ford isnt that far behind expecially with the new 5.0 comin out
  9. 200 lbs? You are way off! I would guess that my Whipple may have added 65-70 lbs to the front end. In addition to that a dual pass heat exchanger really drops intake temps with a PD blower not to mention all the bottom end power you'd pick up for coming out of the twisties.
  10. Shipping weight on a TS or TVS is only slightly more than 100 lbs than minus the stuff that's being replaced and you're not going to be over 100 lbs.