402 RWHP with just a K&N!!!

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  1. Well, its not a 5.0 but I was still impressed none the less.

    Decided to Dyno the Cobra just to get a baseline before doing any mods.

    The car is all stock save for a K&N FIPK.

    Here is the dyno sheet. :)
  2. Nice:nice: considering they are rated at 390:rolleyes:
  3. Yeah, the engine is rated at 390, so for the cars to be putting down 400 *at the wheels* with nothing more than an aftermarket air filter is awesome. Ford has once again under rated a sweet engine.
  4. True. I guess its good proof that they are under-rated.

    If you multiply by 15% drivetrain loss it equates to about 462.185 flywheel HP.
  5. Goddam man that is awesome, I gotta get mine on the rollers to see what it's puttin down with just exhaust and the K&N.
  6. Thats a lot of hp and to be totally streetable is awsome too, if i turn my ac on i have to watch the temp gauge like a hawk....modern technology:nice:
  7. I know what you mean. Got to love it.

    Here is a picture from yesterday at a car show in Ennis.
  8. i would sell both my sisters for one of those
  9. I would sell all 3 of my sisters for one!
  10. good numbers.

    wait until you feel them pullied. i just got mine done this weekend and put down the numbers in my sig. i only got on it once though, due to the tune being pretty crappy.
  11. Thanks.

    I will be doing a 2.80 pulley and SCT tune along with a Steeda catback soon. Just wanted to get a baseline before doing any work to it.

    I need tires and IRS bushings first though. Going with 10.5 inch Chrome stockers in the rear with 315-35-17 Nitto DR's .:banana:

    Already did the MM full length subframes, Billetflow diff brace and IRS brace.

    Oh yeah, also MGW shifter. :D

    I love the way this thing drives.
  12. i didnt know the cobras made less torque then hp, awesome numbers though, insane.
  13. that pretty amazing, i know ford purposely underrated them to keep it under 400hp. If you have over 400 then its another hike in insurance. Most people i've seen have made 370ish right off the floor. for just a k&N putting down 402 is pretty sweet.:nice:
  14. When it's stock it does.

    When I put a pulley on it it will change. :nice:

    That should hold me over until Mr. Whipple joins along for the ride.;)
  15. Yea i noticed that on 281pony's numbers, i hope the prices on these things dont go up too much now that svt is gone, i still gotta get mine when i retire
  16. By the time you retire you will probably have the new one or even better.
  17. that's the first car i am buying when i graduate next year and get a steady Geology job. never selling the fox for one though. :D
  18. Kevin, car looks great and good numbers too!

    Finally got mine wrapped up. Shoot me your cell number via PM, or give me a call when you can. I can't seem to find it.
  19. Hey Kevin, what's up...your car looks great and I'm quite impressed with the numbers:nice: I swear, you know how to "do" a car...:)

    Should be starting my car up tomorrow...