450HP stock Block...Possible?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Stalone93GT, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Any one have a stock 302 that they stoked to a 347? I want to do it but have heard different stories about the 302 webbing and it only holding 400-500 horse. Help me out
  2. might be my imgination but I thought I just replied to your 351 swap message. :) Anyway, I am not sure about a 302 but I think its possible. I know it is for a fact with a 351 block.
  3. Yea it's deffinatly possible. One fast stang was going low tens with his stock block.
    Then he completly split it into two when he tryed for a 9sec pass. But, yea the stock
    block can take it, just get one of those windige trays, and a griddle.
  4. It'll live a very happy, albeit very short and fast life.
  5. Hey Zombie,
    I lost your email address. Shoot me an email [email protected]
    Got the 408 running, curious how your cars running.

    BTW Onefast was running a 351W stroked to a 396 when he was turning 10's. Not a 302 block.
  6. you have another 150hp or more before you need to worry about the block
  7. I have two buddies with pretty high hp stock 5.0 block Combos. One is a 331 with twisted wedge heads, E-303, Trick flow intake and 11 psi powerdyne. The other is a 347 with fully ported Aftermarket heads (not sure on brand), big Solid Roller Cam, Edlebrock Victor Intake and a 150 hp shot of Nitrous. the 347 makes over 400 rwhp N/A.. Both are easily over 500 hp at the flywheel.
  8. Read the NMRA Pure Street rules. The top Pure Street cars the past few years have been putting out around that kind of power (425-450hp)...with a nearly stock cam profile! Simple combo's but with meticulous tuning. This is a stock block, 311cid limit class. I know that there is a StangNet member that runs Pure Street, he might be able to answer your questions a lot better than I could.
  9. Got a couple of buddies with a 347 in a stock block. There making 675 at the flywheel(they have been dyno'd)
    Just gotta have a good tune.
    I am doing the same thing, and 9 times out of 10 thats what everyone is telling me.
  10. Id be worried with anything over 500hp
  11. ud be worried about 500 FW or 500 RW? i think 400 RW is ok for the stock block...but what about 400 RW + 100 hot of nitrous (about 470 RW) i think it weould hold that right?
  12. Things that weaken engine blocks are vibrations/bad harmonics, excessive heat, expansion & contraction, etc. However, what commonly blows a block apart is a catastrophic failure in the rotating assembly (rods, pistons, crank, etc). Someone had mentioned nitrous. Nitrous typically comes on abruptly, which may put quite a bit of strain on the rotating assembly, especially when under load. You can build a strong nitrous engine, but the rotating assembly must lightened and/or contructed of hardened materials. Blower/turbo engines are a little more forgiving because the engine is always under some level of boost, but heat is a big concern, therefore an excellent cooling system is recommended and the tune must be right on. A naturally aspirated engine generally makes more power with increasing RPM...and certainly most high performance small block 302-311cid engines must wind up 6000-9000 RPM to see 400+rwhp. Again, support systems like cooling, oiling, and highly accurate balancing are going reduce the stain on the block.

    All that said, YES, you can take a stock 302HO block and produce 450+rwhp, however, precision machining, balancing, attention to support systems, hardened materials, and proper tuning will go a long way towards extending the life of the block.
  13. i have my stock block with stock crank and rods,and i'm making 480hp at the rear wheel. its all in the way the car is tuned. i got well over 150 passes and no problems at all.
  14. Is the B-50 Sportsman block really any better than the stocker?

    Panhandle Performance can substitute it for $700.00 is it worth it?
  15. all depends on how you tune it and build it up. Im sure it can and has been done but that doens't mean your not going to rip your block and wallet in half.