5.0 OR 32V Cobra Focus

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  1. Hey guys, before the crash there was a samll thread about a 5.0 focus with a vid. I found the actual makers of the BOLT IN kit, and it's pretty damn cheap. You can either do a pushrod or a modular motor. Makes me want to pick one up from an auction and use the motor that's in my car now for it once I do the stroker. Check it out...

  2. Sweet stuff man...

    I think the video you are talkin about was a focus with a 351W, not sure cuz I've seen a few videos of different focus's with the conversion.

    Sounds like a cool idea to do with the engine out of yours though, you could clean up at the races.
  3. Yeah the blue svt focus was a 351...must feel insane in that little car.
  4. What's the total price of that kit? I've been thinking about putting my old 5.0 in a Miata, but that kit is around $4K. If it's cheaper for the focus, I might do that instead.

  5. The focus kit is about $5500 in conversion parts. I believe that's minus the engine and rear axle assembly.