5.4 3v swap


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Mar 10, 2020
Hi Everyone,
Sorry if my first post is been covered before, i seem to be encountering information overload. I recently inherited a 96 gt convertible from my mother. She bought the car brand new and i am now the proud new owner. It has 225k on the odometer and needless to say it is lacking in power. I came across a 2004 3v 5.4 motor that has 120k on the odoeter that I was thinking about swapping into it. Upon trying to do some research it seems there is way too much info on the web to make a good decision. My ultimate goals are 400-450 rwhp. I know an NA motor wont make this, but the upgrade in the mean time will be worth it i think. A turbo setup is in the master plan. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good write up on doing this swap? I am ok with doing a stand alone computer, probably a mega-squirt.
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Mar 7, 2002
Pretty much any of the modulars besides the 5.4 3v can do what you want, including the original 4.6 2v with forced induction. The 5.4 3v just has too many problems with cam phasers, the oil pump, and timing components. The 4.6 3v is less prone to those issues (though not immune to them). The 4v 4.6 or a Coyote swap would be the easiest ways to get there. An F150 Coyote starts you at 380hp at the flywheel, and you can build on it from there. A 2nd-gen Coyote from an S550 Mustang starts you with 430+hp at the flywheel, but at least doubles your initial cash outlay. Both the 4v and Coyote bolt to your existing transmission and motor mounts.