5.4L DOHC MOD MOTOR in a Fox **PICS**

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  1. Months ago, I metioned that my friends Dad put a 5.4L DOHC Navigator engine in a fox convertible. I didn't have pics and I got this: :worthlesb So here they are. He hand made the intake which took him 90 hours. It's carbed. It has a 6 speed. It has stock manifolds...(L/T's...haha yeah right, no way) and an electric exhaust cut out. IT sounds stock til it's opened up. It has a manual brake setup on the firewall...and check out his newest addition...a booster behind the driverside headlight.





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  2. I demand pics of the rest of the car and a vid of the cutout opening up!!!!!
  3. SICK!! :drool:
    There is a nice Fox coupe next door my buddy was thinking of getting and putting in a Navi 5.4 DOHC in. Was just gonna PM you and ask if you knew how much harder it would be to install over what you had to do. Still wana keep it fuel injected though :shrug:
  4. Looking at the brake setup I wonder how hard it woulda been to just do a hydro boost setup?
  5. LOL @ the little itty bitty air filter.

    Any ideas on power numbers?
  6. Cool....carb kinda looks out of place though, but I'm sure it runs like a raped ape none the less. :nice:
  7. I sold him new outside door handles. He's coming back Monday. If he comes back with the car and not his work truck, I'll ask him if I can take a vid.

    He used a fox K-frame, BUT...totall custom mounting hardware. He makes everything. He buys as little parts possible. He also welded huge square tubing under the frame rails for extra support. He has a custom ignition box and fuse box too. His son wired it all up. He's very smart. Keeping your friends fuel injected will be hard, but you can get it somehow.

    5.4L DOHC and hydroboost will not fit in a fox. That motor is very wide. The manual brakes barely fit...and they sucked, so he custom fit that barke booster up front and made the lines. He said it's better, but wants to find a larger boost still. The steering shaft was about 2mm away from teh stock manifold...headers...no way in hell.

    Yeah, it's funny. He has a dual cowl Cobra R hood, no scoop or anything. It's a sleep for sure. No idea on power numbers. He said it pulls on the freeway like a rocket. 5.4L DOHC torque and a 6speed would be insane. :eek:
  8. Dude that is SOOO bad ass.. i love how he painted it red with that crinkle paint. Its made by VTH or something i think

    anyone know? i should have painted mine red with crinkle paint :mad:
  9. :eek: Man thats crazy looking.

    Is that a Black Magic fan? It would barely cool down my Explorer engine.
  10. Not sure on the fan, I know it's electric and has one hell of a radiator in it.

    Yeah it's Ferrari red crinkle paint. It looks badass. The car was painted at a local shop that I recommended. It looks decent, it needs to be wet sanded and rubbed and it would be perfect actually. But the owner did it for cash, so I know it was more of a quick job, if you know what I mean. All in all the car is badass. The interior is stock black, no gauges I don't think, I didn't really look because I was glued to under the hood.
  11. Id be stuck starring under the hood too :rlaugh:
    I think a 5.4 swap might be too ambitious for my friend though. I didnt realize the block was that much larger on the 5.4 :shrug:
  12. The block itself isn't that much larger by comparison to the 4.6L, but the 5.4L block combined with 4V heads and intake makes the thing look monstrous. Dimensionally, it's the same size (if not larger) than a 460W.
  13. so badass, did he have to beat the living hell out of the shock towers to shoehorn that thing in there?

    in any case that thing must sound awesome and pull scary hard, +1 on the pics and vid :nice:
  14. So how's the ignition done? Belt driven distributor? I saw a setup a while back, some company makes a gear driven disy that works off the cam chain with a custom cam cover...looked pretty sweet but it was like 1K bucks.

    Another thing, that breather is choking the crap out of that motor...it really needs changed out.
  15. ...................
  16. Must have video :drool:
  17. The crazy thing is, its the equivalent displacement of a 331 stroker. All that motor, and it really isn't all that big. From a "neat" factor, it is really cool, but from a performance standpoint, you can do better with a stroked 302... And still have room for brakes!

    OHC motors are neat, but I love my pushrod! :D

  18. Yeah, besides the weight factor, if i'm gonna stuff my engine bay like that, i'm gonna have 500+ci for my efforts, not 331ci.