5.4L DOHC MOD MOTOR in a Fox **PICS**

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  1. Im guessing a crank trigger and an after market coil on plug ignition system.

    That engine does look very cool in that car. I've only ever seen that brake booster set up on 1 other car and it was a 1937 bugatti that we did some work on at the shop I work at. While I appreciate the work that went into the intake, I think I'd prefer the aftermarket tunnel ram style one thats available for the dohc 5.4.
  2. Good question on the ignition system. I'll look closer Monday if he brings it up there. I'll just feel weird asking him to open the hood again when it was open for about 30 minutes today....lol. I know he has all the cam sensors and stuff hooked up. I saw a carbed mod motor in a 60's Mustang at the WWDC this summer...all the cam sensors were blocked off. There are so many different ways to set those motors up, everybody does it different. I know he has a hell of a lot of wires going into that fuse box and ignition box. I sold him that fuse box out of a Ranger. Crazy man, crazy. Him and his son have a lot of time in that car.

    The car is sweet. I gotta get vid. It sounds like a STOCK 5.0L/4.6L/5.4L. Then the cut outs open and mad look out. It's bad ass.
  3. For those that don't remember, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords did a feature called "Project Frightening". They took a 4 cylinder 1986 notchback, and installed a brand new, 2001 spec, blown and intercooled lightning 5.4. It was in the May 2002 issue

    Four-Cylinder Mustang Upgrade
  4. I do recall....but if you remember, the Lightning engine is of 2-valve configuration, not 4-valve. Even though it's taller because of the blower, it's still no where near as wide by comparison.
  5. Yeah, I know. I wasn't comparing it to the car in this thread. I just figured some people may be interested.
  6. Most of the "carbed mod motor" pics i see are really just throttle body setups with breathers that are big enough to hide the fuel rails.
  7. Is that intake molded out of a plastic?
  8. No, thats def metal. Look at the cooling setup, no way that could be anything other then metal :shrug:
  9. Any news on how the distributor is setup?
  10. The intake is aluminum.
  11. I am doing this same swap to my notch (in a few years at least) and was wondering what headers were used? You said stock, but I was wondering if it was the stock truck headers or stock cobra headers, and if so, what year?

  12. The motor was a 5.4L 4V from a Navigator and he used the stock Navigator manifolds. There is no way L/T's would fit. The stock steering shaft was literally a few millimeters away from the manifold. An aftermarket steering shaft wouldn't help either because the clearance was at the smallest section of the shaft (the middle) I wouldn't even bother buying shortie headers for this swap either. It would suck if you bought them, spending anywhere from 400-600 bucks, bolt them up just to find out you can't use them. Shorties don't offer that much more power anyways, but long story short.....keep the stock manifolds.
  13. alright, well thanks for the info. This will save me time/money on my swap:nice: