5 Lug Conversion. Cant Find 17x8 Chrome Cobra R's

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  1. Does anyone know anywhere to find 17x8 chrome cobra R's with a 5 lug bolt pattern. I am want to do a 5 lug conversion on my 91 lx using the sn95 spindles and hubs. I currently have 17x8 4 lug cobra R's on my car and I do not know if the 17x9 rims will fit nor do I even want 9" wide rims on the front of my car. Also my tires are fairly new and I would like to avoid buying new tires. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I found some on AFS wheels but when I went to purchase them they said that they were out of stock and would not be making any more chrome 17x8 rims for a long time.
  2. a quick google search brought up these....http://www.shop.afswheels.com/Cobra-R-Wheels_c13.htm

    just saw you said you tried afs already...nevermind lol

    stockwheelsolutions.com shows to have them in every finish except chrome. doesn't really help you much but you may call and ask them if they have them or know where to get some. just an idea
  3. I will try them thanks.