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  1. Complete 5- lug front assy going from hub to hub including K member from a '95 GT. Also have the rearend 8.8. $ 500.00 for all. Local pickup. You can contact me here or @ [email protected] Offers will be considered.

    Just for the fronts i'll take 175.00
    rearend 400.00
  2. I need all rear brake components. Lines, moan plates, etc. How much?
  3. What is included in the fronts?
  4. Complete rear is gone. The front is from rotor to rotor inc. Kmember all I did was cut the dry rotted brake lines and remove the 8 bolts dropping the k member even has the steering rack and bay side of the steering colum
  5. Front end still available. $175.00 plus shipping
  6. will you sell just the calipers and mounting hardware?
  7. Sorry but I really need the whole thing gone. Whether it be selling just the spindles out or the whole K member. It just needs to be gone
  8. how much for spindles and calipers and rotors?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.