5 lug / suspension swap progress

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  1. If it helps any I believe I'm running the same setup up front and I have no problems.

    1994 spindles and Bullitt Tokicos

    I had to use washers on the balljoint to tighten the nut. They add up to 0.330".

    Good luck, 98 Cobras are going to look great!
  2. I have 95 Spindles and used the Spacers on the ball joints and the Bullitt Struts bolted right up with no problem.
  3. If anyone needs any spacers let me know. I bought a bunch a while back. So im stuck with like 100 of these washers. you need ~ 3 per side.
  4. I'm going to start collecting the parts to do this swap on my '88 T-Bird project car I picked up a couple of weeks ago.I've been gathering up what I need to do the H.O conversion,now that those parts are here,5 lug time.
  5. If they're not the right height, you can always stuff more washers in until the hole lines up for the cotter pin.
  6. I just went with the Machined Spacers instead of Washers.
  7. The front is almost completely apart, almost time to start putting the new parts on. It looks like the front isn't going to be the **** the rear was. The front control arm bolts were easy to take out.

    Since i'm not re-using any of it, I can pretty much just take the whole thing off as one piece. My method of taking the spring out was fairly successful, still had to use the spring compressor for a little bit. I just put the jack right under the ball joint and unbolted the stock CC plate and lowered it down.

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  8. i see that in your one pic that u have cobra calipers for the front? could u give me a list of your parts for your front end?
    i also notice that with the cobra calipers that there is no master cylinder in there. what size rotors are thoes for the front and with u having drums on the rear would u have to change the master with the bigger front brakes?

  9. Here is my current list of everything i've purchased for this project. It's the standard 03-04 cobra 13in rotors with cobra calipers in front.

    I'm going to try the stock MC and see how it works, if not i'll probably have to get a 93 cobra MC.

    2x 1994-95 V6/GT Spindles 150$ - *
    4x 245x45x17 tires 550$ -
    -----Maximum Motorsports------
    1x Maximum Motorsports Brake line adapter (MMBAK-4) 7$ - *
    1x Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates 87-89 (MMCC7989) 199$ - *
    1x Maximum Motorsports Bump Steer Kit 87-93 Tapered Stud (MMTR-2) 149$ - *
    2x New 1994-95 V6/GT Hubs (513115) 108$- *
    2x wheel cylinders - 20$ *
    1x Drum Shoe Kit 20$ - *
    -----Buy Ford Racing.com------
    2x 10th annv. 2003 cobra calipers/brackets 260$- *
    2x Stainless brake lines for cobra calipers 0$ - *
    2x 13in brembo rotors 100$ - *
    2x banjo bolts/washers 0$ - *
    2x 5-lug 28T axles 249$ - *
    2x 5-lug ranger drums 0$ - *
    ------Ford Parts Desk---------
    2x rear axle bearing/seals (93 mustang) 57$ - *
    4x 94 Mustang Strut Bolts / Nuts 33$ - *
    2x hub to spindle nut 26$ - *
    4x caliper to spindle bolt (N805163-S190) 28$ - *
    1x Friction Modifier (M19546A) 4$ - *
    -----Breeze Automotive-----
    4x 16MM Front Control Arm Bolts 30$ - *
    4x 16MM Front Control Arm Nuts 10$ - *
    2x Spacer Washer for SN95 spindle/balljoint 4$ - *
    2x Dust caps for SN95 hubs 10$ - *
    1x Pro3i Street Lower Control Arms (PRO3-SLCAS) 170$ - *
    ------Summit Racing------
    1x Bullitt Style Suspension (Struts/Springs) (M5400A) 419$ - *
    1x FMS Front Control Arms (M3075A) 215$ - *
    ------Late Model Restoration-------
    1x MAC Rear Support Cover (MAC-28800) 120$ - *
    3x 1QT Royal Purple 75W90 Gear Oil (RP-12300) 30$ - *
    4x 98 Cobra Wheels (M1007D178) 460$ - *
    1x Locking Lug Nut/Valve Stem Set (LRS-1012BK) 30$ - *
    1x Drum Hardware Kit (LRS-H7246) 20$ - *
  10. thanks for the parts list.......im in the process of gathering up my 5-lug parts. i just ordered 95 spindles and was curious about running 95 cobra calipers and rotors up front with the stock m/c. i eventually wat to go 4 wheel discbut for now to get me by. let me know when u get everything toghether to see if the stock master will hold up?
  11. :jaw: damn.
  12. Your gonna love them G-Sport BFG's. I got them on my car and they are the best tire I've put on my car yet.
  13. they are my front tires too... but theres a crack that goes all the way around the outside.. from leaving them in the grass and sitting through a winter... so i plan on getting a new pair..
  14. I had some on my 98 GT and they worked well. They are super cheap too compared to most of the rest. Got them for like 90-100 on tirerack
  15. yea i got my 275s for 125 each and the 255s for 109
  16. :mad:

    Ok, so who in here has had the banjo bolt shear off inside the caliper when tightening?


    I was making good progress on the whole swap too..


  17. Did it dcrew in easily by hand? According to the FMS catalog your 10th Anniversary calipers require coarse pitch banjo bolts. Did you ues fine pitch bolts?
  18. They are the correct coarse bolts. I just backed it out in the picture. They were snug against the caliper and it sheared off when I was torqueing it to the "correct" not-so-correct 30 ft-lbs