65mm throttle body problem with the tps

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  1. how do you get the tps to hook up on this? do you use your 2.3 tps? or is there a way to use the 5.0 tps? the one that came on my new throttle body doesnt look like it can be moved to adjust is like the 2.3 one..will it just work right if i get it on there, and figure out how to hook it up to my car? somebody please help..thanks
  2. If you are asking about the electricla connection either cut off your old plug and splice it in or bu an adaptor. As far as the TPS first check the voltage out and see if it even needs adjusting.
  3. i ordered an adaptor from tinyavenger, but a new problem is that the 5.0 tps runs into the upper intake where the egr hooks up.
  4. did anyone else have trouble with the 5.0 tps sensor meeting up with the back side of the upper intake where you would bolt up the egr?
  5. That is why most people buy the adaptor plates as well. it moves the TB away from the intake. This gives you the clearance you need.
  6. I had to cut my EGR flange off because of that...

    Just wait until you try to hook your throttle cable up...
  7. well i think im going to make my own adapter out of some wood or something..i was thinking about it at work tonight..might be easier then cutting that flange off
  8. Wood is realy not a good idear. With all the heat your engine bay see's the wood would crack.
  9. what would you suggest
  10. Use your stock throttle body, it bolts right on.

  11. hey thanks alot, but no.......

  12. i got some sheet metal im working on making a bracket for to move it back some..any hot tips on it? will moving it back affect the throttle at all?
  13. BOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Use aluminum. May need to buy an electric grinder and some cutting bits tho ;).
  14. it came across my mind..but i dont know exactly where i would get a piece of it at...the sheet metal i got from work and are only little planks of it no more then a quarter inch thick, and 3 inches wide.
  15. So what are you trying to gain?

  16. probably the same thing everyone else is that puts it on there...better throttle response...its not like its not going to do anything at all.
  17. I'd spend that money on gears or something more useful like that.
  18. i got it new for $80..thought it was a decent deal
  19. I'll send you a box of dog turds for free! Is that a descent deal? :D

  20. i dont want none of your crap :spot: