65mm throttle body problem with the tps

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  1. So I guess you want a car that feels fast as apposed to a car that is "fast"... :)
  2. correct...im not planning on this car being fast by any means at all right now..im just messing around with it, keeping it running, doing things here and there on it and learning on the way..this is the first car i've owned and just want to see where i get with it...i know its not going to be fast with that throttle body, by no means at all..but maybe fun to drive...i want fast yes, that is why im going to hopefully jump into a z28 camaro in the next couple months..nothing against ford, i love the best of both worlds, and is why im keeping the stang...it doesnt seem to hard to get a z28 around here for just under or above $5k so im going to go that route and have some decent power.
  3. Quit F'n with people.
    Why should you even care if someone has a TB they want to put on?
    Either tell them a usefull way to install it or a link or SOMETHING..... DAMN.

    For my TB conversion, I used a piece of aluminum with counter sunk screws to bolt the plate to the intake manifold and then just threaded the plate to accept bolts from the TB.
    I then cut the throttle lever on the TB and moved it to the top so the stock throttle cable could be used.

    What year TB do you have anyways?
    I had to relocate the IAC motor on mine just to clear the hood.
  4. So if someone asked "how do I out square wheels/tires on my car" you would tell them how and not that it isn't going to help anything?

    Don't you guys want any REAL tech around here? Not just "where can I buy stickers and who can I have install them"?

    not to mention if you can't figure out how to install it, maybe you shouldn't. It isn't rocket science.
  5. Do ANY of your posts contain tech?

    If someone asks how to put a 14-71 blower on their lawn mower, I'll try to help with ideas on how to mount it.

    You'd just tell them not to do it.
  6. Can ANY of you explain to me why you think a 2.3L engine (especially basically stock) needs a larger throttle body?

    Did you even bother to the link I posted? You really want to say that a FORD engineer who is doing TB sizing for some upcoming programs is wrong?

  7. if i cant figure something out on my car, this is the first place i go to ask the questions..this is the first place that answers my questions, honestly and with a good amount of knowledge, not only about the cars, but about what i am doing.

    by the way, whose asking about where to buy stickers?

  8. I'll explain to you why I think the 2.3 n/a needs a bigger throttle body..because it doesn't have one..Its been the most responsive thing I've done to my car so far. The throttle is a lot more responsive. I've been pretty impressed with it. It really deepened the sound of my exhaust when it revs up. So if it satisfies me and what I wanted out of it, then that justifies putting it on there.

    Now to get back to the topic of this post; Did anybody have any problems with the tps running slightly high? I checked mine on that new TB and its sitting at 1.08. I knew how to calibrate the stock 2.3 tps, but how do you go about doing this one? Or can you? It doesnt seem to have any play in it where you can turn it like the old one. If anyone knows about this, or might have a suggestion, please fill me in. The idle sits just a little above 1k right now if that might help out too.. thanks dan
  9. If an import owner did the same you guys would be jumping all over him/her for being a ricer.
  10. So about these square wheels and stickers, where can I get them?
  11. Last time I heard, a "Ricer" was described as one who puts on body kits/stickers and has no modification done to the engine.
  12. First off, nobody needs to explain jack **** to you on why they want to put a part on their car.

    With that being said, Removing any inlet restrictions from the intake, Eg. stock throttle body, will help gain power. Just like the removing the stock air silencer or adding a ram air scoop.

    Was that the same engineer who put the ford intercooler over the header? Cause those engineers are super smart. :rolleyes:

    Ford designed the N/A 2.3 for Fuel Economy, not performance.
    Removing the air inlet restrictions is the most basic mod anyone can do.

  13. That's a very narrow definition. Among many other qualifiers, it also includes any "mod" that doesn't actually give you what you think you are getting.

    The stock throttle body IS NOT a restriction. How is it that you can't get it? It dpesn't matter how many times you say it, it just isn't true.

    Dude, do you know what it takes to package a car for the masses? There are always compromises.

  14. Same reason a stock 302 or 305 needs an 850 or 950 double pumper.
    BIGGER IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anything in the way of the valves is a restriction. That includes, throttle blades, 90 degree bends, stock air boxes, air silencers, air filters.......
    This will always be true.
  16. no a ricer is someone who thinks there CAI powered jetta will beat your car in a race.

    if a ricer was a term for ppl who just do the bodykits/sticker combo we would have to make fun of ppl that have been customizing cars for mos tof there life, cause to them thats there way of customizing a car...

  17. Don't you think the throttle blade is taken into account when sizing?

    Get this through your head. BIGGER is not BETTER. Why not put a 100+mm TB on your 2.3?
    One thing you do want to do is limit tha amount of times your intake system changes sizes.

    Hey if guys don't want to "listen" to an engineer at Ford doing TB sizing along with a guy who spends 50% of his time at work sizing and testing airflow equipment, no skin off my sack.
  18. There would be no ill effects from putting a 75mm T/B on a N/A 2.3.
    This isn't a carb'd application here. Using a larger T/B won't make a fuel injected engine run badly. Fuel injected N/A motors love larger T/Bs.
    And yes, you could put a 100mm T/B on it. The only down side to it would be the drivability issues from that large of an opening. Slight throttle movements would make it jumpy.

    If you don't think the stock throttle body is small, ask yourself: Why does it only make 88 horse power?
    Ford made it for fuel economy not performance.

    It IS a restriction and going to a larger one would help performance.

    and No, I'm not going to listen to a fictional engineer at Ford doing TB sizing who says stock is fine.
    Come to think of it, I can't think of one ford vehicle that hasn't shown improvements from going to a larger T/B.

    Would you say the same crap to someone wanting to put a set of webbers on their N/A 2.3?

    "~oh the stock carb is perfect. If it wasn't ford wouldn't have used it."

    read this slowly:

    It's called a performance upgrade.

    This is something people do to their engines to help reduce the stock hp restrictive components.

    Why don't you try calling some actual places that modify N/A 2.3s and see what they tell you.
    I bet not one of them will say to keep the stock T/B when trying to find HP.