66 Mustang Inline 6 Carb Issue

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by cptawesome, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. I have a 66 inline 6 with an automatic tranny and automatic choke. I switched from stock 1940 carb to an Autolite 1100 and now it wont start. It ran great with old carb until it got warm then would die when you give it gas. Now it won't start at all. Has DBI 2 ignition kit upgrade from custom inlines. The auto light 1100 style with spark assist valve. It has distributor vacuum advance connected to carburetor not intake.timing is correct any thoughts?
  2. First make sure you are getting fuel ,second make sure you have spark at the plugs .
  3. I did both. They are good
  4. If you have fuel and spark it should at least hit ,is it a good blue spark? Is it flooding ?How do the plugs look ,dry / Wet?
  5. are you smelling fuel when you try to start it? also look down the carb throat and open the throttle and see if fuel is coming out the accelerator pump nozzle. if it is then you have either a flooding issue, or an ignition issue, probably a flooding issue. if not then you might have fuel to the carb but not in the carb which means a stuck needle valve.