'66-stang..alignment/brake Lights/brakes..just Needing Help!! Ha

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  1. So I just purchased a 1966 Mustang... I am hoping I made a good purchase, but I guess that is to be determined! I have so many questions, but I think I will start with some of the more pressing ones... I could really use the help as I am a complete novice at this, and hoping to get my hands dirty.

    So some details: The car came with a set of '98 Cobra wheels.. I believe they are 18 inches. They are pretty big and it gives the car pretty neat look when it is sitting there parked. Also at mild speeds the ride is not too bad. But the previous owner told me he thinks the wheels are too big, and on the freeway at faster speeds it'll pull in every which way <--- he was right. The steering wheel is always pulling and if it hits any bumps than the steering wheel jerks to each side pretty hard.. I mean it was making me pretty nervous just being on the freeway! It made me nervous but he seemed to have just lived with it that way. My immediate reaction is to think that it is not the wheels.. but instead the alignment is off... one thing that I noticed is that when I am making a gradual turn towards the right the car rides real smooth.. Any thoughts?? advice?? -would any good tire shop be able to check on that?

    ALSO... and maybe this is more important because as of right now I won't drive her around too far... but the brake lights are not working. When I turn on the lights, the back ones come alive, but there's no change when I am braking.. the turn signals work just fine.. just no brake lights.. I purchased one of the 'fix-it' guides and am going to continue to do some research.. but maybe there is someone out there smarter than I who can point me in the right direction!!

    Thanks guys! excited to be apart of the forum and get working on my '66!!
  2. with larger wheels you have to realize the the side wall gets shorter to fit a tire under the car. the shorter the side wall the rougher the ride ,the tire actually absorbs some or the road as do your shocks .It sounds like you are having a bump steer problem as well ,is it a stock suspension or has it been modified /control arms,Granada spindles ?

    The brake light problem sounds like it is the brake light switch on the brake pedal.
    Test it to make sure there is power to one side when the pedal is up ,and power to both sides when pedal is pushed .It could be a fuse also ,a factory fuse block tends to rust loosing the connection.
  3. yea.. in our discussions we went back and forth and discussed the clearance inside the wheel-well. I believe the shocks are all stock; I need to contact him again to confirm that but I know he did alot of work to the motor and interior but left the body and undercarriage pretty much alone. The wheels he said were there when he bought it... he's not a mechanic, but just a lifelong enthusiast working on one project to the next.. so maybe I took his word on too many things?? -because he didn't seem all that concerned with the steering as I am.

    I found some papers regarding the brake light switch... I don't have a volt meter, but it sounds like I should invest in one! haha. Thank You for the reply!!
  4. You should also check the tie rod ends,ball joints and idler arm, they can cause some of the problems you are having as well .
  5. I got that suggestion from another posting on here... but the question becomes, what is the best way to check on those without just taking it in to a shop??
  6. Put a jack under the lower control arm and lift it high enough to get the tire off the ground .Grab the tire and rock it front to back and watch the tie rod ends and the idler and see if they have slop. You should also check the wheel bearing play by grabbing the top and bottom of the tire and rocking it ,you will feel it if it has slack.