71-73 Owners please read

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  1. I ordered a new website a few days ago. I want to make the biggest 71-73 Mustang site on the net. The adress will be: www.mustang-megasite.com
    I need help getting pictures of 71-73s. Anyone here have a website with photos i could use on that site?

    Thanks for all the help !
  2. Mustang only?

    I own a 73 Mercury Cougar. Will you site be a "Mustang only" site, or a Ford Muscle site?

  3. I don't have a website, but you can use pics of my 73 if you want-it ain't pretty, but it's on it's way! I can post pics, or email them to you if you want...
  4. Hmm..havent thought of that :rolleyes:
  5. Hehe i know, the cars are never going to be finished :)
    The site is up now (frontpage) only know, but will get some pics out in some hours
  6. I have a buttload of pictures of repair projects and a write up on the tremec swap I completed on my 73 stang. I have a website but I haven't done to much work on it in a while. I will get to work finishing my tech articles and will send you a link to my website.
  7. That would be grate :nice:
  8. Then i have loaded up some more pictures to the site and electricgreen and mtpony `s cars are already in. Im getting some pictures from mustang friends around..but i would like more pictures.. I know there are more then three 71-73 owners here..
  9. You still haven't answered my question..... I'm asuming it's a No?

  10. I know it's been a while but, what ever happend with your website?

  11. Damn! This thread's over 4 years old! Here I was reading and thinking: cool modmach1 is back . . .

    or not :scratch:
  12. Yeah modmach1 is still around, he mostly lurks though.

    I was searching 71-73 Mustang threads & came across this one. I had to ask. I know it's a long shot that it is still in the works but, us 71-73 Mustang owners don't have enough resources.