77 coupe parting out or whole car

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by IICrazy, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. perfect black interior, let me know what you need with an offer and Ill send it off to you.

    the car is an 2.8l auto it was originally a ghia, with coupe windows molded into the body. Also have some v8 stuff for sale here pretty soon. I will have pics later today for you.
  2. I could really use the front seats, rear seat and interior quarter panels. Could I have a picture and a price please?. I have a friend who makes frequent trips from Spokane to Seattle so picking this up isn't an issue.
  3. front seats have no rips a few buttons are missing rear seat is near perfect. rear 1/4 panel has a few scratches and a couple scrapes not too bad though, I left my camera on ship i will try to take pics tomorrow.

    also have 4 good centercaps, have a little pitting on them

    2 nice black dash tops no rips and 2 metal dash top perfect shape

    I believe I have a set of wheels laying around somewhere also
  4. does it have a console? pm me when you get pics okay? thanks glenn
  5. I'll take a dash top too. I understand it's very near Christmas so everyone's busy. Take your time with the pictures and have a Merry Christmas!
  6. I could use the V6 engine mounts and frame adapters. No idea what they're worth, though...
  7. I would also like a black dash top let me know a price.
  8. What kind of shape is the tank in?
  9. I'd like the rear coupe windows, trim and moldings if you got em.
    I'm converting my Ghia into a coupe
  10. Hi,
    I need a fuel sending unit for my '75 V8. Any chance you can help me there?
  11. Hey all, Im really sorry for not responding. Im leaving for the gulf here on tuesday, Ill fwd all this stuff to my paps, Im hoping he can help you guys out.
  12. Good luck over there!

    I'm not in a huury, so its okay by me (the car's been in the garage for going on 15 years anyway) :D
  13. Any progress here? I'm not in any rush, I just don't want to miss out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.