8 Bolt Or 6 Bolt Flywheel

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  1. Hey everyone. I have been researching but can not seem to find the definite answer. I have a 2000 GT with the 4.6 windsor and the 5 speed. I am not sure if I have the 8 bolt or 6 bolt flywheel. The other part of the question is I am putting a 4.6 romeo out of a 2003 Crown vic in to the car. Which flywheel will I need the 8 bolt or 6 bolt and will my flywheel work depending on which one I have. Thank y'all in advance!
  2. Your 2000 has a 8 bolt crank, the 2003 engine has a 6 bolt crank.
  3. what he said ...(I did a similar same swap using a brand new 2004 engine)