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  1. I picked up ab 84 svo a lil while ago and it came with a few problems. It is plagued by the terrible wiring ford used then and it had no spark or injector pulse. Ive replaced the pip sensor repaired some wiring and have gotten the ignition working. I still cant get the injectors to fire they all get 12v running to them but the ecu is not grounding them telling them to fire. I can get it fire by using starting fluid. I checked the tps it gets 5v on orange but puts out 5 on the green signal wire. I know the tps can be affected by other sensors so even though I assume it is bad I dont want to throw money at it. What else should I look for that would stop the injectors from firing?
  2. I'm pretty new at this stuff, but I've been learning to rule out the easy stuff first so I'll just throw this out there. Is the pump working? Fuel pressure? Have you pulled any codes? I ask the obvious because last summer I tried replacing my fuel pump only to realize I had unplugged the relay under the driver's seat when pulling the carpet out. Lol

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  3. X2 on the fuel pump.
    How does the car idle and at what rpm??
    You should have a smooth sweep of the needle on a multimeter from .97v to about 4.50v.
    Dont forget that the tps is adjustable.
    Does the car actually stay running after you spray starting fluid or is it just running on the starting fluid????