88' Notchback With 302 Swap

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  1. normally I would say save a buck and buy parts house pieces but in this case it will be well worth it to save up if you have to especially if you are going to store the car in a few months. shocks, springs, and tires IMHO are crucial to every experience you have in the vehicle and life is too short to put up with sub par components. Even if you are just rolling down the street to the gas station a well planned out suspension coupled with an optimal wheel and tire combo for your needs will make the car feel and respond exactly the way you want it to and not the way you wished it would.

    That lowering kit while not spectacular is matched together and will take the guess work out of what springs to run. couple that with new bushings and your ride will really tighten up. Later on down the road you could swap to coil overs if you are looking for something adjustable and more aggressive.

  2. how bout if i went with this?

    Rear shocks

    Front shocks

    Poly-urethane bushing kit

    SVE lowering springs

    SVE camber/caster plates

    Afterwards i would work on swapping the sway bars
  3. I would seriously recommend tokico blues as a budget shock.

  4. hmm ok, so you dont feel that the KYB shocks would be adequate either? if i can save a few hundred dollars for not much of a handling difference id like to you know?
  5. I run cheapies on our 91gt road course car. Those struts handle as good as any other in my opinion. We race the car at Road Atlanta. Atlanta Motorsports Park and V.I.R. needless to say they'll take abuse. Save money here for spended money on other handling parts. Subframe connectors, coil covers, strut tower brace etc.....
  6. KYB is better than those gabriels for sure.